Eleceed Chapter 242 Release Date, Spoiler And Where to Read!


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Eleceed a manhwa series written by Son Je-Ho and illustrated by ZHENA is soon going to touch the milestone of 250 chapters. The series started in 2018 and releases every chapter with a gap of a week. It has very well captivated the interest of the readers through suspense, fantasies, and drama.

The series revolves around a soft-hearted and kind young man, Jiwoo, who tries to make the world free of evil thoughts and a better place to live in. Kayden is a secret agent and senior of Jiwoo who is also armed with superpowers like Jiwoo and together with him wants to create a better world. Let’s see for how long they would be able to survive and fight out the evil forces.

The series has just released Chapter 241 and the next chapter is on its way. So, let’s try to dig out some details of the upcoming chapter by reading the article.

What is the Release Date of Eleceed Chapter 242?

The Korean Naver series is soon going to release chapter 242. The release date of Chapter 242 is 19th April 2023 but it will be aired at different times in different zones as shared below-

Timezone Date/Time
UK (GMT) 04:00 PM on Wed, 19 Apr
India (IST) 09:30 PM on Wed, 19 Apr
Australia (AEST) 02:00 AM on Thu, 20 Apr
USA (EST) 12:00 PM on Wed, 19 Apr
Korea (KST) 01:00 AM on Thu, 20 Apr
Japan (JST) 01:00 AM on Thu, 20 Apr

Where to Read Eleceed Chapter 242?

If you are a fan of the Manhwa series, then Eleceed must be on your favorites list. The series is published on Korean Naver Website and as well as on Webtoon(English).

Thus, you can enjoy the English version of the upcoming Eleceed chapter 242 on the webtoon.

Eleceed chapter 242 release date

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Eleceed Chapter 242 Spoiler Alert!

The series is going to take a serious turn and it is expected that we will get a glimpse of a clash between Royst (Schnauder’s disciple) and Jiwoo. It should also be noticed that Andrei(Top 10 world ranker) is planning to apprehend Kayden Break by setting his disciple as bait because Andrei is well aware of the fact that Kayden will for sure follow his disciple.

Eleceed chapter 242 release date

And the same thing happens when Kayden overheard Jiwoo’s resolution to visit the Frame Association, he turns back without saying a word and thinks that it is not good to send Jiwoo alone to such a dangerous place.

The makers have not released any official spoilers yet. It might be shared 2-3 days before the debut of Chapter 242. So, stay tuned with us for updated information, and keep reading the remaining article for more details.

Eleceed Chapter 241 Recap

In the Eleceed Chapter chapter 240, we read that World Awaken Academy lost its best top 10 disciples at the hands of its rival Frame. Later, it was seen that Frames were regretful about their deeds and they invited Jiwoo Seo to improve their relationship and to maintain peace between both Academies.

But after seeing the cruelty of Frames, it is hard to believe their remorseful behavior. Who knows what happens next?

In the last chapter 241, Kayden modulated Jiwoo’s training regiment with more meticulous training after the loss of their top 10 disciples. And this will result in Jiwoo’s better performance and techniques.

Kayden was startled by the decision of Han Seongik to teach Jiwoo some special techniques and that too free of cost. Han Seongik sees some potential in Jiwoo which might have led him to train Jiwoo.

Thereafter, we read that Jiyoung Yoo visited Jiwoo’s place and informed him about the invitation of Frames to their place as a regret. And without any further thoughts, Jiwoo accepts the invitation. He thought being a disciple of Kayden, it would not be good to sway away the invitation, as this will make him look weak.

Let’s wait together for the upcoming chapter 242 of Eleceed to know about the real intentions of Frames behind their regret and invitation.

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