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Elden Ring: What Is Ragnarok And How Elden Ring Redefines It


David Mudd

There might be many Norse based video games available recently, but the craze for Elden Ring is unbeatable. This game is based on Norse mythology and will feature hardcore action RPGs. You can expect FromSoftware to redefine Ragnarok. The company will use its style to create and break cycles of tormented worlds. So, the game will be the right mixture of Viking and Norse mythology to give you an amazing experience.

What Is Ragnarok?

Ragnarok is the start and end of the cycle of life for the nine possible realms. It is considered that each realm is destroyed ad that the gods killed before it is set up again for the cycle to continue. In this game, the Elden ring, the theme of Ragnarok is important because it will be set up on similar grounds of thought.

According to Norse mythology, Ragnarok is about the resetting of the worlds. So, it begins and ends with the deaths of gods that create and manage the realm. The two major power sources- gods and the other giants engage in a war that destroys all 9 realms. But, a new world will be brought about from this destruction, creating a new set of gods. Therefore, it will retreat the realms and again continue the cycle that will lead to a new Ragnarok.

How Will Elden Ring Redefine It?

Of what is known, the game is written with a strong intent to entice the player. It will represent the cycle of the world. Many people are expecting it to be similar to Dark Souls, but the rest of the game is still a mystery. However, the game is a brilliant new take on the general view of Dark Soul and will feature something unique.

The aftermath of the game will be very inspiring and will focus on different angles from the familiar set of themes. It will feature a Miyazaki’s view of the real world. So, it will consider that the real world is a wasteland and will work on the theory of no confirmed rebirth of the world. Therefore, it instills a thought that everything gets destroyed in the end.

More About The Game

The game will stand up to its title and additionally feature many themes and amazing weapons to sweep you off your feet. The story is extremely precise and detailed. The amalgamation of all this is set to make something that you would never expect, with a storyline that you’ve not imagined. The game is going to have simple gameplay with a deeply Norse inspired lore that many players will enjoy.