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Elden Ring: Fans Expect Multiplayer Modes For The Game


David Mudd

2020 is an interesting year for the gaming world. Many big games like Cyberpunk 2077 n all are going to release in this year. From the announcement of release to delay due to consequences, everything is making game lovers crazy. In the meantime, we have good news for gamers. Soon, they are going to have a new game called Elden Ring. But fans are also expecting it to have a multiplayer mode in the game.

Elden Ring

It’s an upcoming video game that is waiting for its release. From Software developed this game and Bandai Namco Entertainment published it. Elden Ring is based on George R. R. Martin’s one of the bestselling books “A Game Of Thrones”. This game will be available in Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Elden Ring

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Elden Ring: Plot And Gameplay

This is a role-playing action video game. Still, now, players will able to play the game as a single player. The theme of the Elden Ring is a dark fantasy that will allow players to create their custom characters. So, they don’t have to play fixed characters in the game.

Elden Ring will also have an open world where players can do horse-riding and combats. There won’t be a lot of non-playable characters in the game. Another writer of the game Hidetaka Miyazaki said that he wants players to have the experience by themselves. Players also will able to play them as “chosen undead” or “ashen one”, the main protagonist of the game.

Fans Expectation About Multiplayer Mode For the Game

Elden Ring is going to the biggest game for From Software. Players will explore much wider space than its previous game “Dark Soul”. This game features some larger dungeons which means players will have more outdoor sequences.

Elden Ring

From Software is known for its unique multiplayer mode. We can expect that outdoor sequences will open an opportunity for multiplayer modes in this too.

The companies didn’t announce any specific release date for the game yet. As the game is still under development, we can have more information shortly.

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