El Juego De Las Llaves Season 3: What To Expect From The Popular Mexican Series?


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We all are waiting for for El Juego De Las Llaves season 3 for more drama] and exploration of desire! Follow the lives of friends for complexities of relationships, s*x, and love. The Mexican series shows the viewers the importance of valuing relationships in the modern era of romance.

Expected Release Date Of El Juego De Las Llaves Season 3

The first season of this entertaining TV show aired on August 16, 2019, and received positive feedback from viewers for its different storyline. On September 2, Amazon Prime Video released the second season.

For now, the season 3 premiere date has not yet been announced, the producers are actively working to renew the series for a third season, which means fans can expect it to air soon.

Cast of El Juego De Las Llaves Season 3

Maite Perroni plays the character of Adriana “Adri” Romero who also appeared in Dark Desire season 3. Sebastián Zurita appears as Sergio Morales in season 1 of the show. Marimar Vega portrays Gabriela “Gaby” Albarrán, and Humberto Busto plays the role of Óscar Romero.

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The role of Valentín Lombardo is portrayed by Horacio Pancheri, while Hugo Catalán plays Leonardo “Leo” Cuevas. Siena is played by Ela Velden who also appeared in Who Killed Sara? Fabiola Campomanes appears as Bárbara Cuevas. In season 2, Cristián de la Fuente appears as Guillermo, Alejandra Guzmán plays Astrid, and Laura León appears as Gloria.

Premise Of El Juego De Las Llaves Series

Marisa Quiroga is behind the making of the Mexican comedy streaming TV show El Juego De Las Llaves, which was co-produced by Amazon Prime Video, Pantaya, and Corazón Films.

el juego de las llaves season 3

It follows the lives of four long-time friends who decide to try swinging together. The show also deals with issues such as long-term monogamy, self-discovery, and desire. The series has been renewed for a second and third season.

Recap of El Juego De Las Llaves Season 2

The first season of El Juego De Las Llaves was groundbreaking in its attitude to the emerging subject of swinging, triggering us to rethink our attitudes towards relationships and commitment to new ideas and viewpoints. Watch the trailer for season 2 for now.

After playing what seemed an innocent game of keys, the characters’ lives took a dramatic turn. It had a major and long-lasting impact on everyone’s lives. As a result of their struggles to adjust to their changed situations, the close group of friends has become divided.

Adriana, played by Perroni, is struggling after her involvement in the game caused her life to fall apart. Her s*xual fantasies resulted in her husband impregnating her best friend, leaving her homeless and divorced, with a whole new set of challenges to face.

Spoiler For El Juego De Las Llaves Season 3

In the upcoming season, we can expect to get answers to the many lingering questions left from season 2. Leo and Barbara’s marriage might bring a sense of happiness to Leo’s life.

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Gaby gave birth to a baby in season 2, but the father was not revealed. It is speculated that Oscar may be the father of the child. Valentine, who was searching for true love, may finally meet his match. Seina, who was attempting to distance herself from Adriana, may have parted ways with her by joining her sister. Gloria may be married, and we will see how her life changes after tying the knot.

Rating And Review Of El Juego De Las Llaves Series

In 2019 it won the GQ México award for Best Series of the Year. It was rated 6.5 on 10 on IMDB. As per De la Fuente, he was attracted to the prospect of appearing on the show because he enjoys shows that make people think.

el juego de las llaves season 3


He mentioned that he does not believe television is intended just for education, but also for entertainment and laughter. What matters most to him is having a good story to tell. He also clarified that his character in the show demonstrates that it is not always difficult to find happiness in life and that achieving it is often easier than we believe. We have the same expectations from the upcoming third season

Where To Watch El Juego De Las Llaves Series?

El Juego de las Llaves delves into the complexities of love, relationships, and s*x, all while respecting the female gaze. The show is available for its first two seasons on Amazon Prime and Pantaya. You will definitely have a great time watching the series. And you will be excited to watch the third season.


The Mexican  series has grown in popularity and has a large and dedicated fan base. Although the show was originally in Spanish, the language barrier wasn’t a barrier to its international release.

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