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El Dragon Season 3 Release Date: Is It Confirmed or Cancelled?


David Mudd

What do you think about the new season of the El Dragon Multicultural Netflix Series? Will the El Dragon be Renewed again for the third time or it concludes with the second season? Let’s talk more about this Spanish Crime drama series in which the attractive personality named Miguel who is living a simple life now wants to deal with the drug trafficking business which he doesn’t know anything about as he is a successful financier and his life is amazing as with the help of his personality he achieved everything in his life without facing any difficulties but this time he has to take over the family business and spend his life with his siblings as he is offered to take the business or given a proposal by his grandfather because Miguel’s grandfather is suffering from Alzheimer.

Let’s see what will we going to see in the third season as he received many threatful warnings from the Russians, the Italian mafia and the government of America while dealing in the drug business.

El Dragon Season 3

Now the question arises is El Dragon will come or not for the new season? Arturo Perez- Reverte is the creator of this drama series whose first season was announced in 2018 and then Netflix picked the show and dropped its two seasons which concluded in the latest season in January 2020. To that date, nothing official came out from the side of Netflix or the production team whether they are picking or dropping the new season.

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There are 82 episodes in two seasons and about 33-34 episodes are expected from the third season.

Is El Dragon Season 3 Renewed or cancelled?

At this moment nothing is revealed about the new season and its development or production. If any official news came out from the side of the production team or network we will inform you by updating this section. But Till this time Netflix doesn’t announce anything for El Dragon Season 3, which simply indicates that no official announcement is made for the future of this show.

El Dragon Season 3

Now, what is your expectation from this show as no official announcement is done regarding the future of this show? What do you think will they renew the series the whole show earned positive ratings and reviews and it is one of the top most watched shows which is watched by many in Mexico.

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So considering the ratings and love for the show from its fans we are expecting that the show will return again for its new season as there are equal chances for its return or its cancellation and nothing has officially been said at this time.

El Dragon Season 3: Release Date

I know you are waiting to know when El Dragon Season 3 comes. But unfortunately, nothing is announced by the streaming network. Meanwhile if by chance the series is announced this year then we hopefully managed to see the third instalment in 2023 and not before 2023.

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Who Will be Going to Cast in El Dragon Season 3?

No Cast Members are confirmed at this moment as the series is not renewed for the new season but we are expecting that main cast members will return and reprise their roles in the new season and this will include-


  • Sebastian Rouley as Miguel Garza.
  • Renata Notni as Adela Cruz.
  • Roberto Mateos as Epigmenio Moncada.
  • Irina Baeva as Jimena Ortiz along with other members like-
  • Cassandra Sanchez.
  • Manuel Balbi.
  • Javier Gomez.
  • Alejandro Amila.
  • Sofia Castro and also new faces in the third season if it returns.

Is There Any Trailer for Season 3 of El Dragon Crime Drama?

Sorry, there is no trailer for the new season but you can enjoy its previous trailer which is given below-

El Dragon Season 3: Ratings and Reviews

This Spanish drama received 7 out of 10 Ratings on IMDb and the popularity of this drama increased on this platform with 99 user reviews written on it. Some of the reviews written by users about this series are a good show but not for all audiences, a great beginning, and an addictive one.

While 80% is received on Just watch. You can stream this drama on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Just watch, and a few other platforms.

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