Sandeep Singh

Effective Messenger Marketing Tactics to Enhance Your Sales

Today, every business should consider instant messengers as a potential channel for reaching and interacting with customers, since these apps play such a significant role in our lives. Using them, we chat with family and friends, talk about work-related issues, enjoy content in groups, and get the latest news from channels. Engaging with users via platforms such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp in order to achieve a brand’s commercial goals is called messenger marketing. To be effective, it must be based on several aspects.

  • Сlear goals. The company’s messenger marketing goals must be stated explicitly in the first place. These goals must be valuable to the company, attainable, have a deadline, and provide open metrics for reporting and analyzing results.
  • Segmentation of target audience. The demographic groups for engaging through instant messengers should then be precisely defined and segmented. You can enhance marketing message personalization by breaking down every segment into smaller ones and adding relevance to address certain audience needs.
  • Analysis of competitors. Observe rivals to determine their most effective and least effective strategies, so you can adapt content to work towards a high open rate and more leads.
  • Comprehensive communication plan. Script development, which regulates both the order of communication messages sent via messengers and the processing of those received from prospects, is another important aspect of messenger marketing.
  • Omnichannel messaging approach. Utilizing social media platforms that are most popular with your target audience together with instant messengers helps to ensure a streamlined and high-quality customer experience across all communication channels.

Now, let’s take a look at some effective messenger marketing tactics and its best practices.

Messenger marketing tactics that work

Leveraging the sales funnel, mailings, group conversations, and lead-generating opportunities are among the main strategies for messenger marketing.

Messenger lead generation

Using messengers to attract new clients can be extremely effective because existing clients can invite their contacts to the business’s Telegram channel (for example). Additionally, clients can make inquiries using the company’s WhatsApp. In messengers, quality content and engaging subscribers can increase lead volume as well as revenue.

Messenger mailings

Mailing via messengers lets you send text, graphics, and links containing information about a company’s items and services cheaper than SMS and with a higher conversion rate than email. To prevent user complaints or messenger app account suspension, exercise caution at all times when sending out bulk messages.

Sales funnels for messengers

This tactic is based on mapping out the whole customer journey from the initial product encounter to the actual purchase and beyond. As a contemporary digital pipeline with four steps—awareness, consideration, choice, and loyalty—messaging enables you to engage with customers at all stages of the decision-making process.

Chatbots and automation

Messenger bots are automated support agents that help with customers using canned responses and categorize users according to their needs. The most prevalent kind of bots are chatbots, which communicate with users via buttons, voice commands, or particular words. Such automation helps to make the work of live agents more efficient, allowing them to focus on complex tasks instead of routinely answering frequently asked questions.

Group chats and communities

Communities and group chats offer a convenient way to submit content regarding goods, news, promotions, discounts, special offers, reviews, or testimonials. Users may also discuss goods or brands in these spaces and ask questions.

To implement the majority of the aforementioned messenger marketing tactics effectively, consider integrating your current CRM system with messengers via Umnico API or use Umnico Inbox — a lightweight CRM system that provides all tools essential for an order increasing sales and customer retention rates. To learn more about marketing via messengers, check the comprehensive guide on messenger marketing.