TOP 10 effective email verification programs


David Mudd

The success of any email campaign depends on the quality of the customer base. Therefore, the main rule of the pre-preparation of an email campaign is to regularly check the list of email addresses. To do this, we recommend using free email verification programs. And from our guide, you will learn which one is best on the market.

What is Email Validation?

Email data validation is the process of verifying email addresses for existence, activity, and authenticity. The program that performs such an audit is called email verifier software or validator. Its services are used by companies that send mass mailings and actively use email marketing as one of the key components of their digital strategy.

The Main Features of Quality Email Verification programs

There are a number of tools that the best email verifier software should have. The check itself is carried out in 3 stages:

  • The first step involves syntax checking and validating the account format. The program detects errors made by accident or intentionally before and after the @ symbol in an email record. Also, as part of the first stage, mailboxes are deduplicated. So-called spam traps (addresses that can lead to the blocking of a sender when trying to send letters to them), service or Role-based Addresses (accounts that are not personal, but are used as professional specific specialists or departments of the company), disposable boxes (temporary addresses that are most often used by fraudsters) are detected.
  • The second stage involves verification of the domain and server. At this stage, the verifier checks the existence and correctness of the Mail eXchanger (MX). This is a DNS record that points to a particular mail server. If the domain does not have MX, then it is not able to receive any letters. Having identified such domains, the software will offer to exclude from the contact list the email addresses associated with them.
  • The third stage is email confirmation, which is achieved by using an SMTP connection. Checking here is based on sending a request to a particular mailbox. Thus, the activity/inactivity of the contact is checked. In this case, only the simulation of the message occurs, so you should not worry that the program will somehow bother the owner of the mailbox being checked.

Also, the best email verification programs should have an email verification API at its disposal. This is a feature that you can integrate into your own corporate system or website.

This way, the maximum interaction of verification tools with the functionality of the software used for sales and/or promotion is achieved. At the same time, validation occurs in real-time, which allows you to receive reliable and up-to-date information about the customer base.

10 Programs for Effective Verification

For our TOP, we have selected the 10 best online software:

  1. Proofy — email verifying software with deliverability of 98.5%. The cloud service offers a wide range of all tools necessary for deep verification, including API, on favourable terms: from $0.006 per check, as well as 500 free checks upon registration and the ability to receive even more free checks by participating in loyalty programs. Speed – 100K in 45 minutes.
  2. ZoomInfo — combines all the necessary tools to increase sales, improve marketing efficiency, and find individual solutions for greater audience engagement.
  3. Snovio — ideal CRM for effective contact management and powerful cold coverage. The basic rate is $39.
  4. TheChecker — guarantees one of the highest email delivery rates, 99%. Price – $19 for a 10K test.
  5. ZeroBounce — comes with a powerful set of options to validate your customer base and further personalize your email campaigns. Price – $16 for checking 2,000 addresses.

Also noteworthy are software such as NeverBounce, Interseller, Bouncer, DeBounce и

Tips for Choosing the Right Software

To choose the best verification service, pay attention to its capabilities. The list of tools should contain at least the set that we talked about above. Make sure the software is capable of processing large amounts of information in a short time frame. This way you can do bulk mailings using a clean contact list. And of course, pay attention to the pricing policy.

High-quality software cannot be free email verify software all the time or cost a penny. However, $0.006 per check is an acceptable value that will not flatten your wallet. It’s great if the developers of the program take care of their customers.

This can manifest itself in free trials, the ability to receive a certain number of checks for free when registering or participating in a promotion. In addition, good service is one that is comfortable to use. So another condition is an intuitively simple interface and an attractive design.

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