Educational Series That Will Teach New Things


David Mudd

There are many educational series that aim to help students and everyone else learn new things. This is quite an entertaining process because you do not need to spend time on lectures or seminars. So forget about books and hours of library sessions. Instead, mini-series aim to ensure that each viewer can learn something new without being oversaturated with facts. Typically, educational serials focus on a specific area of ​​research and are a mix of facts and reasoning. This is why you should look at this list of great educational TV shows to find out more.

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

This is an amazing series that will change your understanding of space, science, and the search for extraterrestrial civilizations. Carl Sagan is an outstanding scientist and a great speaker who was able to talk like a pro about difficult things. If you are a student, you better find a trusted term paper writing service and delegate some tasks. Then you will have more time to learn about planets, galaxies, principles of the universe, and possible forms of extraterrestrial life. Each episode focuses on a specific aspect and is accompanied by evidence and informative examples.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Space is such a multifaceted topic that any TV show can potentially be useful to you. This option is interesting because you can look at those aspects of world creation that have not been mentioned in other films and TV shows. In addition, each episode is dedicated to a specific phenomenon, so it will be useful for you to learn a lot about how our world works and why Earth is the only inhabited planet in the solar system.

Simon Schama’s Power of Art

If you have long wanted to know how the greatest paintings of Picasso were created, then you should watch this series. Each episode is a mix of historical facts, explanations of the background for creating paintings, and technical features. Such a series will be especially useful for artists and architects who seek to learn something new and make sure of the genius of the artists of the past. In addition, however, there are series that describe the creative process of modern professionals.

Stardust Lost In The Andes

Have you ever wondered why so many planes and ships are missing in the Bermuda Triangle? Why expeditions to the Amazon jungle or Mount Everest ended tragically. Who is behind the great shipwreck hoax, or why is the Philadelphia Experiment just a myth? You will find answers to all these questions if you start watching this series from the very beginning. If you are a student, you should download free computer science essay examples to not waste your time. Then you can concentrate on those secrets kept by missing expeditions, sunken ships, and ghost towns.

Lost Worlds

Most likely, you at least once wondered how the ancient Egyptians could transport giant stone blocks to create the pyramids. Moreover, could the inhabitants of Pompeii have foreseen a volcanic eruption? What was the root cause of the decline of the Roman Empire, and were there any proto-civilizations on the territory of modern America or Europe? This series will help you learn more about ancient civilizations, historical aspects, and the main reasons for the technological revolution of past centuries.

Naked Science

This series will be especially informative for those people who want to learn more about natural disasters, modern mysteries, historical facts, and incredible discoveries. Even the series title suggests that you have to face facts that are as reliable as possible and allow you to find out how our planet reacts to changes and what awaits humanity in the foreseeable future.

Inside the Human Body

Would you like to know more about your body, hidden possibilities, and incredible chemical reactions influencing your behavior? Humanity is a product of evolution and an incredibly amazing phenomenon that is difficult to describe quickly. Each episode focuses on genes, immunity, specific biological characteristics, and DNA as a fundamental element for data transmission. You will not regret the time spent if you watch at least a few episodes.

The Brain. A Secret History

The brain is an amazing component of our bodies and many living things on Earth. But how do neural impulses transmit information? Why is a person inclined to make certain decisions, and are there boundaries of consciousness? This series will help you find out how your brain works and whether a modern personality can face certain limitations. Our body is a complex multi-level structure, and only the brain can help synchronize the limbs with the rest of the parts.

Food Factory

Eating and drinking are two key ingredients that every human needs to survive. But what’s behind the pretty labels on the items you buy in stores? This show takes you behind the scenes of food drama and how the industry works. So get ready to see how Coca-Cola, chips, cheese, alcohol, or ham are made. This is a very entertaining series that will allow you to learn about almost all processes.