Echoing Grandma’s Advice! Research Shows Germs Thrive in Some Body Areas as “Hot Spots”.



Do you remember when your grandma told you to wash your hands before meals and after using the restroom? Grandma was always onto something. There is recent research which is conducted by scientists that has shed light on “hot spots” present in our bodies where germs tend to rely. You should have to take care of the importance of good hygiene practices.

In this new era cleanliness and sanitation have now become the top priority of individuals due to the ongoing surrounding infectious diseases. It is essential to understand these germ-prone areas in our bodies. Without wasting your precious time. Let’s dive into the explanations and why Grandma’s advice remains as relevant as ever.

The Study Reveals Germ ‘Hot Spots’

A recent study which was conducted by the scientist at George Washington University in Washington, DC, tested what they dubbed “the grandma hypothesis” — named for grandma’s warnings to clean behind your ears and in between your toes which is published in  Frontiers in Microbiology.

Hot Spots

It has been found that there are certain places in our body that a  “hot spots” for germs and unhealthy bacteria. Not only this but the team was also set to examine the the skin microbiome of healthy people. The Microbiome is basically a community of plenty of microbes living in the human body.

The director of GWU’s Computational Biology Institute and professor of biostatistics and bioinformatics Keith Crandall, remembers the wordings of his grandmother. His grandmother has always instructed him to “scrub behind the ears, between the toes, and in the belly button.”

He later noticed that these areas basically are the less hygienic areas because most people forget to clean them. That is the reason, these areas have become a potential host of different kinds of bacteria. Do not miss knowing that Consistent body Weight is tied to Longevity in Women!

The team of microbiologists and healthcare experts examined that If the microbiome shifts toward destructive microbes then as a consequence, masses may have to suffer from various types of skin-related diseases such as eczema and acne. However, this theory is explained by Crandall in a university press release.

In order to check that Grandma was really right, He decided to team up with an associate professor of biostatistics and bioinformatics at GWU’s Milken Institute School of Public Health Marcos Pérez-Losada. They wanted to create an innovative genomics course.

Hot Spots

So I the view fact that they make a group of 129 undergraduate and graduate students and then collect their data by swabbing specific oily and moist hot spots — behind the ears, between the toes, and in the navel — as well as dry areas such as calves and forearms for control samples.

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The consequences of the research are that the person has more learned underarms and calves, and has a greater diversity of microbiome which is good for any individual overall well-being. In the end, the Grandma hypothesis is indeed correct.


Laconically, the next time whenever you hear any family member advise you to clean your hands before a meal or to clean behind your ears, be conscious of that because it is not just good manners but also for staying healthy.

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