Eatonville Care Centre Owned by Rykka Care Centre: An Overview


Mohit Kamboj

Eatonville Care Centre is a long-term care facility owned by Rykka Care Centre that commits to delivering client-centered caregiving services. It strategically lies in the heart of a lovely neighborhood, approximately 3 kilometers from Etobicoke City Hall. The care facility has existed since 1971, passionately serving over 247 diverse cultural residents.

Compassionate and experienced professionals on staff include physiotherapists, nurses, doctors, dietitians, recreation therapists, and social workers. They offer essential home support services to individuals, families, and communities needing assistance. Furthermore, their exceptional approach to long-term, efficient, and transparent care makes them trusted caregivers in Ontario.

What to Expect at Eatonville Care Centre

The ultra-modern courtyard offers a multifunctional extension and tranquil walking and seating spaces for residents. There’s also a spacious entertainment and enjoyment area for individuals of all ages. Rykka Care Centre welcomes anyone looking for a care facility in Ontario to explore their space at Eatonville Care Centre and bask in the goodness of the magnificent atmosphere.

Those who walk into the facility will meet a cordial staff that’ll direct them to the cozy reception before linkage to a specialist caregiver. Eatonville Care Centre is a home away from home. Some services to expect include:

  • Personal care
  • Specialized services
  • Resident programs
  • Signature programs
  • Culinary services

Eatonville Care Centre’s Commitment (Vision, Mission, and Values)

  • The Vission: Employing a strategic approach to building safe, accessible, and strong communities for individuals of all ages, whether young or old.
  • The Mission: Providing person-centered and integrated care to all residents and the surrounding communities.
  • The Values: Summarized as PEOPLE:

Participating in providing coordinated and impactful quality care to the community.

Excellent caregiving services that exceed society’s expectations.

Open, compassionate, and friendly services, making a great difference in the community.

Performing all caregiving activities with dedication and ambition.

Longevity by providing long-term services that transform lives.

Efficient use of resources to minimize negative impacts on the community.

All About Accommodations

Those who created resident accommodations at Eatonville Care Centre prioritized safety and privacy without compromising quality. All rooms have beautiful furnishings with a bed, a closet, a table, and a chair. They also feature ensuite washrooms that give a homey feeling.

There are two categories of long-term accommodation services; basic and semi-private. While the semi-private accommodation has two beds and a shared bathroom, the basic category contains 3-4 beds with a shared bathroom.

What about accommodation rates? All accommodation costs are standard throughout Ontario. The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) controls and reviews these rates yearly. Anyone who wishes to view the long-term care accommodation rates can visit the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care website.

But what happens if a resident can’t afford the accommodation package rate? In that case, they may be eligible for a subsidy applicable to the basic accommodation category only. To qualify for the subsidy service, the resident must submit a Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada, renewed annually, to Eatonville Care Centre.

There’s also the question of involuntary separation when couples separate due to one moving to a care facility. Here, a government benefit can help people with lower income or those required to live separately. The involuntary separation benefit applies to residents moving to long-term care centers whose spouses need financial help to remain in their homes. Like the subsidy reductions, benefit application requires annual renewal for assessment and support.

Are All Services Funded?

At Eatonville Care Centre and most Rykka Care Centres, some services commonly referred to as the Unfunded Services might be chargeable separately beyond the regular monthly accommodation rates. Although these services aren’t compulsory and are only applicable to willing residents, they require annual funding for those who request them. Some unfunded services include:

  • Preferred accommodation
  • Hairdressing
  • Dentistry
  • Dry cleaning
  • Internet connection
  • Transportation to health facilities
  • Medication not under the Ontario Drug Benefit Plan
  • Telephone connections

Personal Care Services

Rykka Care Centre’s staff at Eatonville Care Centre provides hands-on and executive care services unique to each individual. The team knows that personal care is a sensitive affair, and that’s why the professional caregivers discharge these services with empathy, confidentiality, and understanding.

Furthermore, the staff uses custom-designed care plans to provide dignified, efficient, and effective personal care services that promote autonomy and embrace cultural diversities. The list of personal care services include:

  • In-person physician visits
  • 24/7 care by a nurse
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nursing restorative therapy
  • Imaging and laboratory diagnostic services, including pharmacy
  • Infection prevention services
  • Financial management, counselling, or advocacy from social workers
  • Onsite laundry and daily housekeeping

Representing Councils (Resident and Family Councils)

  • The Resident Council

The resident council at Eatonville Care Centre represents all residents without discrimination. It meets on the first Wednesday of each month from 3:00 pm, whereby residents can raise their concerns, interact, and note any changes that may affect them negatively or positively. Those looking to learn more about resident councils can visit the Ontario Association of Residents’ Councils website.

  • The Family Council

The family council is a self-led and well-organized group where families and friends discuss matters associated with moving their loved ones to the care centre. In conjunction with the social services coordinator, it provides interactive support, educational programs, advocacy, and a forum for providing feedback to the care centre. This council meets quarterly on the 3rd Thursday of the month from 1:00 pm. There’s more information about family councils on the Ontario Family Councils’ Program website.

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