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EastEnders: Who Are The New Queen Vic Owners? Major Clue Revealed

EastEnders drops a major clue about the new Queen Vic owners

What Is The Show About

EastEnders British drama, created by Julia Smith and Tony Holland, EastEnders has a massive fanbase.

The story is basically about common people like you and me and their everyday shenanigans.

This doesn’t only take into account, being all goofy and prudish, but deals with major societal concerns.

Take, for instance, the topic of Rape, Homosexuality, Rights of Women, Superstitions, Prejudices, among others.

East Enders have been loved by viewers and critics alike.

How Has It Been Received


Britain always appeared to me as a fantastic place. And its shows? Even better.

It has a fairly decent rating on websites. Not so much so that you need to be enthralled and watch every season right away.

Neither is it so lousy and sluggish that you wouldn’t want to watch it anytime. You get my point? No?

Having over 5700 episodes, there’s no doubt or second thought to the perpetually concrete fact that EastEnders is one hell of a soap opera.

Plus, during the blatantly dangerous pandemic, what better than binge watch just the right amount of drama, family solidarity, nuisance and love?

It’s set in the East of London. I mean, you could have anyway guessed from its name, but I just had to say it. I’m your mentor. *grins*

It takes into account, the residents of Albert Square and the neighbouring colonies.

New Queen Vic Owners

So this is the smooth twist in the recent episode of EastEnders! Y’all probably know it by now. Allow me to elaborate. *clutches fingers*

Queen Vic aka Queen Victoria, the Pub, was apparently owned by Mick and Linda Carter.

After around 7 years, they’ve somehow decided to put it up on sale.

This is partly because Mick wants to see Linda recover from her obsession with Alcohol. And if they continue to possess Queen Vic, there’s barely any recovery taking place.

A lot of names had been thrown as guesses for the ostensive takeover of the Pub.

But what we notice in one scene is how Shirley tells Mitchell about this plan.

If you read his face properly, you could very well tell, Phil Mitchell looked every inch, interested.


He tells her about how much he wants to woo and get Sharon back in his life after all the calamities their family has gone through individually.

He could above all, buy it. I mean, there’s a whole history of him and Sharon regarding the pub.

Sharon used to run it after her parents left. And she ostensively loves the place.

So buying the pub would assist in bringing Sharon back into his life and this might just replenish their lost connection. Rings some bells?






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