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EastEnders: Keegan Gets A Big Update After Arrest


David Mudd

EastEnders’ Keegan Baker gets big news from Jack Branning over his arrest

Keegan’s Scene

EastEnders and its unsolicited drama never gets old, or tiring. Honestly, I could watch the show the whole day and still believe they ain’t acting.

As I had seen it coming, Keegan Taylor has tried back and forth to contain within himself, his hurting, regarding the entire scene of being a prey due to his race.

There has been more or less a few instances where, according to him, he has been a subject to racial prejudice.

And if you think this was bad, wait for what happens next.

What Proceeds

At Vinny Panesar’s party, Keegan is arrested out of nowhere!


Apparently, he is held guilty for a crime he hadn’t commit. As a result, he has been taken over to the Police station and investigate.

The BBC Soap Opera has always been bang on with its content(at least that’s what I feel) and this was nothing short of remarkable filming.

When Keegan and Iqra(his business partner) attended a meeting to be grant a loan for their business, they were turn down in a manner which led Keegan thinking it was because of him being a black man.

And if you thought Keegan being racially subjugate was the worst that could happen, drops in Tiffany with a piece of mind-boggling news.

Keegan was anyway tensed about monetary dealings and when he told Tiffany how he was looking for payday loans, they got into an argument.

Vinny Panesar had thrown a party when his family was out of town, in order to show off his DJ skills.

What Would Happen Next (EastEnders)

Things were going pretty smooth when one of his friends started saying derogatory things about Ash and Iqra’s perpetual relationship.

This led Vinny to burst out, which subsequently led the argument out of the house, onto the road.

The Police tried to make the scene a little less chaotic, but just then someone from the crowd threw a glass bottle at the police car.


At that moment, Keegan and Tiffany were very naively walking out of the crowd, but the racist policemen arrested Keegan out of sheer prejudgement.

Let’s see how and where exactly does this plot lead to!

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