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EA: The Massive Video Game Publisher Allows More Employees To Work From Home


David Mudd

Electronic Arts have allowed more and more of its employees to work from home due to coronavirus outbreak. This decision came in after Electronic Arts made an official public announcement on 13th March 2020. The announcement was made on their Twitter handle and website. Read ahead to know more.

About Electronic Arts

Electronic Games(EA) is an American video game company. The company was founded on 27th May 1982. The founder of American gaming is Trip Hawkins. Electronic Arts are headquartered in Redwood City, California, United States.

As of March 2018, Electronic Arts is the second-largest company in America and Europe after Activision and ahead of Ubisoft. Some of Electronic Arts all time and most liked games include Need For Speed, FIFA, NBA Live, The Sims, Medal Of Honour, Star Wars and so on.

Health Policy At Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts have a total of 9700 employees as of 2019. This is a 4.3% increase from the previous year. At Electronic Arts, the health and wellbeing of its employees are considered as the top priority of the company.

Electronic Arts provides great healthcare facilities and coverage to all of its existing employees. They run a ‘wellbeing Program’ to provide healthcare facilities. Electronic Arts try to meet the healthcare needs of its employees wherever they are.

Electronic Arts healthcare program offers financial assistance to its employees. Depending on the employee’s location, EA offers retirement plans, employee stock purchase plans, life insurance, disability coverage and so on.

New Policy Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

Seeing a massive outbreak of coronavirus globally, Electronic Arts has decided to enhance its health policy and allowed most of its employees to work from home. Electronic Arts considers the health of its employees of utmost importance.

The company does not want any of its employees to get affected by the pandemic virus. Keeping in mind the company’s operations. Employees can now work from home until further notice from the company.

Employees working in Australia, Europe, and the United States including the Electronic Art’s headquarters are heavily recommended to work from home until 1st April 2020. Operations and board meetings will continue over video conference until 1st April.

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