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E-Liquid Bottles – Which Type Will Suit You Best?

When selecting the perfect e-juice bottle, there are several things to consider. You should consider the size, design, cap, and most of all, the function to be performed.

However, sometimes it may be difficult to know exactly what kind of e-juice bottle you need, and the many varieties of bottles out there make the choice all the more difficult. This article will guide you, so you can rightly select the bottle that is best suited for you.

E-liquid Bottles: B2C Vs. B2B Customer Expectations

B2B (Business to Business) trade of e-liquid bottles is usually between the wholesale e-juice bottles manufacturers and companies who make their own e-juice and need bottles for their vape juice products.

Some companies may not be so particular about the design of the e-liquid bottle but would rather be more interested in durable bottles that’ll fit their bottling lines.

For the B2C (Business To Customer) trade, the customers (in this case, vapers) are more interested in getting a bottle that satisfies their needs. This could be in terms of functionality (how well it can fill or refill vaping devices), quantity (how much juice can it hold), and durability.

Some vapers may also prefer to buy a vape juice bottle that allows for easy steeping: these are usually the smaller sized bottles.

What Are The Features Of The Different Types Of E-liquid Bottles?

Unicorn Bottles Vs. E-juice Dropper Bottles

Unicorn bottles are small-sized, refillable bottles with removable needle tips or nozzles perfect for refilling e-cigarettes. They come in different sizes and are most often preferred for their multifunctionality and convenient handling, Although their plastic nature makes them unsuitable for long term e-juice storage.

E-juice dropper bottles are preinstalled with dropper tips, perfect for filling the tank of vape pods and sub-ohmers. One good advantage of e-liquid dropper bottles is that the dropper tip allows you to control your e-juice better while dispensing to avoid spillage. Also, they don’t need additional protective caps, like the unicorn bottles.

Both unicorn and dropper cap bottles do come with childproof caps.

Various E-liquid Bottle Sizes And Their Best Applications

The following are the most prevalent vape juice bottle sizes and their benefits:

  • 10ml: The tiniest and most concealable bottles are 10ml. They’re also the simplest to refill and most convenient for steeping. Because 10ml bottles are the most popular, they come in various cap styles, including unicorn bottles and e-juice dropper caps. 10mls are always the recommended size whenever you want to try out a new vape juice sample.
  • 20ml: The 20ml bottles are just as small and easy to hide as the 10ml bottles, but they store more vape juice. They’re ideal for MTL vaping.
  • 30ml: Vapers choose 30ml bottles because they can carry a large amount of e-juice while remaining tiny and portable. This bottle size can last up to 3 weeks for the average vaper.
  • 50ml: This is an excellent bottle size in the centre, not too large or too small. This size is excellent for DTL vapers that vape less regularly.
  • 60ml: If you vape on a regular basis or you use high-powered vaping devices, you’ll need an e-juice bottle with a large capacity: A 60ml vape juice container will serve just well.
  • 120ml: These bottles are thick and chubby, holding enough vape juice for three vapers. They’re best for DTL (Direct To Lung) vapers, as they can store enough juice for up to two weeks of sub-ohming.

MTL Vaping

MTL (Mouth To Lung) Vapers don’t consume too much e-liquid while vaping, except they vape for long periods. The best bottles for them are the smaller ones. A 20ml bottle can last an average MTL vaper for up to 2 weeks. Larger bottles will only be ideal for e-liquid storage.

However, if you’re an MTL vaper, it’s advisable you go for a refillable e-juice bottle that can dispense fluids efficiently to vape pens. A good choice here would be unicorn bottles.

DTL Vaping

DTL (Direct To Lung) vapers consume more e-liquids during vape sessions, mostly due to the high-powered vape devices they use. Getting a 10 or 20ml bottle would be a waste in this case, as it’ll merely suffice to satisfy your craving.

Of all the e-liquid bottle types, the best for DTL vapers are large glass bottles. Usually, bottles from 60ml and above are best suited for sub-ohm vapers: this way, they’ll hardly run dry. Plastic bottles aren’t recommended, since they can change the taste of your e-liquid if they stay for the long term.

E-liquid Steeping

The best bottles for quick steeping methods are the smaller bottles (sizes 10, 20, and 30mls). Larger sized bottles are only ideal if you intend to allow the vape liquid steep naturally by letting it sit in a cool, dark place.

Common E-liquid Bottle Materials

Manufacturers produce unique e-liquid bottles to better meet their customers’ needs. One other thing that makes a vape juice bottle unique besides the cap and size, is the material used to make it. Here are the most commonly used materials by ejuice bottle manufacturers:

  • LDPE: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is one of the most preferred materials for e-liquid bottles, especially unicorn bottles. It is soft and squeezable. LDPE plastic bottles won’t react with your e-juice, except you store them under high temperatures.
  • PET: Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is a strong plastic material. It is commonly used for short low-capacity bottles. Of all the plastic materials, PET makes the most rigid and least reactive e-liquid bottles.
  • PP: Propylene (PP) is rarely used in making e-liquid bottles, perhaps because it’s difficult to paint or label. This material, however, has high chemical resistance.
  • Glass: Glass bottles are the recommended types for steeping and for long-term e-juice storage. They don’t contaminate your juice with any odour like the plastic materials do.


At the end of the day, whichever bottle size, material, or tip you pick, is all up to you. But remember to consider certain things first, for instance, your vaping style, your vape device, and how long you intend to use the juice.

Glass bottles are recommended for long term storage, but they may not be the best for you if you’re not good at handling things. You certainly wouldn’t want to break a 120ml bottle full of vape juice.

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