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Dynasty Season 5: Release Date | Cast | Plot


David Mudd

Dynasty is a tale of power, control, deception and whatever else people do to build and maintain their dynasty. This compelling drama is developed by Sallie Patrick, John Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. This American drama was first launched in 2017. Dynasty Season 5 will be a must watch!

This American drama has a kind of Sydney Sheldon vibe to it. It revolves around the crazy super-rich family of the Carringtons. The rivalries, sabotage and long-hidden dark secrets keep unfurling and not a single dull moment is to be found. Fallon Carrington who is the heiress to the multi-billion dollars property is the main lead of the show. The ancillary actions revolve around her.

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Adaptation of Dynasty Season 5

The show is loosely based on the 1981 show of the same name.

Plot of Dynasty Season 5

Fallon Carrington is the sassy smart outspoken heiress of the super-rich Carrington family. In Season 1 episode 1 she comes back to the Carrington mansion to claim her position of COO. Just as she was about to discuss her future in the company, to her horror she finds her father engaged to an employee of the company who is almost her age.  

Later seasons focus on multiple family secrets coming out and the insane and ruthless side of CarringtonCarrington’s

Before getting into season 5, here is a quick recap of season 4.

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Season 4 

the official poster of the dynasty season 4
Dynasty Season 4 was packed with action and drama!

Season 4 is packed with a lot of actions, drama and powerful moments between Fallon and Liam. Even though Fallon does get a quantum of solace by escaping the pre-decided giant wedding ceremony and having her special wedding in her way, disasters follow right after. Fallon feels frustrated and throughout the action that follows. Peace of mind or good luck doesn’t seem to be in Fallon’s fate. 

The Carringtons

The Carringtons are one of the richest families. They own one of the biggest corporate conglomerates and live a life accordingly. The members of the family though have a very different relationship among themselves. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty for whatever they want.  

The family consists of Blake Carrington, head of the family and the company, Alexis Carrington, the divorced wife and Fallon and Adams’s mother, Fallon and Adam Carrington the siblings and the Butler. Apart from them later they expand to Cristal Carrington, Jeff Colby, Kirby, Monique Deveraux and many more. 

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Fallon Carrington

a glimpse at the cast of the dynasty in one frame
Dynasty Season 5 – Everything but facing reality!

Fallon Carrington is the protagonist of Dynasty. She is the heiress of the Carrington who is protective of what they have built and intends to keep it under her care as she is the most suitable person to handle it. 

Fallon is fiercely protective of what belongs to hers. She does maintain an exterior of superfluous domination That may be the only way she knows how to communicate, considering she belongs to a dysfunctional family and hasn’t seen stable communication among the members. She is outspoken and rude at times which speaks for the fact that she is an innocent person who has always been dragged into the quagmire of dark things.   

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Fallon Finds love 

Fallon has a life that many dreams of. But under the veneer of high-end clothing lines and expensive champagne, lies a world of cruelty and loveless relations and money-hungry people who would do anything to get their hands on some real power. Fallon, while growing up has not seen much ethics or morality, or even love did not even know how deeply she had been looking for it. 

Then she met Liam. Things with Liam were so very different for her. When things were perfect for them, Liam was attacked and suffered amnesia. That was the first moment perhaps when Fallon realized what it was like to see a loved one. He is the first person to make Fallon realises what love is.  

Fallon’s new challenge 

Things turn weird when Fallon becomes the boss of the company and hire her father as her employee. Father-daughter is pretty similar and clashes lot.

Season 5 

With a raging pandemic, a lot of shows cancel their filming and Dynasty is no exception. Fans expect a lot of twists and turns in the upcoming seasons. Sabotage and deception will follow the Carringtons as the family must team up to face the challenge.

The cast of Dynasty Season 5

the official photoshoot of the cast of dynasty season 5
Featuring the amazing cast of Dynasty Season 5

The show has a huge cast. Elizabeth Giles, Grant Show, Rafael De la Fuente, Robert Christopher, Sam Adegoke, Adam Huber, Nathalie Kelly, Elaine Hendrix, Wakeema Hollis and Maddison Brown are star cast of the show. 

Release date of Dynasty Season 5

Sadly, as of yet, there is no official date for season 5.  


Dynasty is about Fallon and her transformation into a businesswoman. Slowly she learns that she is part of the family and must stick together with them. No matter how much they hate each other, Fallon realises that she loves them.  Season 4 shows Fallon in a different light and season 5 is supposed to show more of her character’s growth and her facing the challenges with bravery.

What is it that you like about the show? Is it the strong female lead? Or the gripping tale of rivalry and crimes? We would love to know more about your thoughts! Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section.