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Dwayne “The Rock” Gets Emotional Says “We Finally Made It”

Dwayne “THE ROCK” is fond of my more talents, we know him as a marvelous actor, producer whatnot. Well, we also know he is a social media person too.

Yes, Dwayne is an active Instagram user, every time he comes up with a long video answering the questions for his fans.

Dwayne’s Instagram Video: What’s In It?

But, what he did now? Well, are you aware that Dwayne is a WWE star? Oh!! Maybe a bad question. Yes, THE ROCK is a well-known wrestler cum WWE star. This time one of his fans questioned him an interesting one. Dwayne was asked what the “most meaningful” match of his career.

Well, to answer this our Rock wrap out a day this weak. He was a little bit emotional in the video he exposed this weak.


He recollected one of the matches in his home town Honolulu, Hawaii. It was the only time he wrestled on his islands, and it was a small, hometown affair. The match is not an international nor even a national. It doesn’t capture on screens too. It’s all about the small hometown affair.

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In the caption beside his video, he wrote: “For decades, Hawaii always represented struggle and grit for my family.

“After the match, while we quietly and gratefully celebrated in my locker room with my family – my grandmother says, ‘We finally made it’ and those four words sealed the deal.

He later turned out with some emotional trauma. He later publicized he was close to ‘ugly’ tears as he redirected to one of the sweet moments in his life.


And in the end, he closes the video by saying:: “Thanks for the great question and thanks for hanging in there while I got emo. I’m poised and experienced enough to take long pause and smile so I don’t start the attractive ugly cry. Love y’all and everyone stays healthy and safe”.

Yeah, this is what going viral in social media. This time fans gotta know one of the emotional incidents of Dwayne.

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