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Durarara 3: Plot | Release Date | Cast


David Mudd

Durarara is a Japanese anime series that has become a cult classic over time. The series premiered in 2010 for the first time. Later, in 2015 the series was renewed for a second season. A 3rd season will probably be out in 2021. Durarara 3 will be  must watch!

Durarara has become a sensation and that too for the right reasons. Durarara has completely broken the traditional ideas of plot and narration and instead has created multiple apparently parallel and finally interconnected storylines. It plays with our tendency to generalize and assume. 

If you have not heard about this before or are still trying to figure out if you want to watch it or not, let us guide you. 

Adaptation of Durarara 3

This anime is adapted from a Japanese light novel series written by Ryohgo Narita, with illustrations by Suzuhito Yasuda. 

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Plot of Durarara 3

the main lead actors from Durarara 3
Featuring the protagonists from Durarara 3!

First of all the plot is not linear one cannot be understood as such. We will try to do our best to simplify it for you. 

Mikado Ryūgamine is a young boy who comes to meet his childhood friend Masaomi Kida, who now stays in Ikebukuro. Mikado has longed for an adventurous, eventful life which he always dreamt of living. Masaomi warns him about making new acquaintances. 

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The perpetual battle between Appearance and Reality 

The city of Ikebukuro is anything but typical. The city breeds mystery in every corner. There are so many people with so many stories. This tendency to generalize and assume is what the creators have tried to break down. None of these characters is normal in the traditional sense of the term. 

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Mikado Ryuugamine

The story starts when Mikado reaches the train station of Ikebukuro and meets his childhood friend Masiomi. Mikado looks very simple, rather ordinary and hard to find in a crowd. He is of timid and polite nature. He has waited a long time to be a part of a more exciting and interesting life which he believed is available in a big city.

When he first came to Ikebukuro, the big size and the energy of the city enchanted him. Later he comes across many supernatural events that transpire in this mysterious city. 

Even though Masaomi has told him to stay away from the dangerous people of the city, Mikado seems to have a strange way of running into them at the worst of times. There was an incident when Mikado almost got caught in a crossfire between Shizuo and Izaia. He got lucky and ran with Anri, with whom he was there. 

Later on, there is a remarkable change in Mikado’s character. He becomes cold and ruthless. He even became intimidating. He believed it was an important move on his part that keep his friends safe. 

The Black Rider

a glimpse from Durarara 3
Featuring a still from Durarara 3!

The most interesting character of the series is a Dullahan who works as the courier for underworld gangs called The Dollars and Snake Hands. We found out her name is Celtic Sturluson. It is rumoured that she has no head under her helmet and she is in Ikebukuro looking for her stolen head. 

Celty’s character is perhaps the most ironic one. As she does not have a head, she is often interpreted as a dangerous and grotesque monstrous figure. In reality, she more than once has turned out to be a saviour. She is a nice and optimistic person. Her character and our assumption of who she might be set us up for the unpredictable experience. 

Izaya of Durarara 3

One of the most manipulative and dangerous characters is Izaia. He bullies people at will and will go to extreme lengths to get the information he needs. In short, he manipulates people into doing his Devil’s bidding. 

Izaya is one of the most complex characters of the narrative. He claims to love humanity but it is more like a sadistic version of exercising power. He is an eternal observer of human behaviour and habits and reactions. He knows the pressure points and he harasses people just for fun. He drives in conflict. And he knows how to take advantage of a conflict. This is the reason he never really faces any loss in any situation. 

Shizuo Heiwajima 

Shizuo is one of the main characters of this series. He is known as the strongest guy in Ikebukuro. He is of massive physical prowess. He is the bartender and at the same time works the body of Tom Tanaka.

Shijuo’s strength is intimidating. This has caused him to be a loner all his life. He never intends to harm but that’s what he ends up doing. The truth is he is afraid of his power. In addition to this, he is extremely short-tempered. Both lead him to remain in permanent isolation. Moreover, whenever chances arise, Izaia blames his crimes on Shizuo of which he is really tired. 

So you see, the guy with scary power is not the kind of person you imagined to be.

The various POV: Non-linear narrative 

These are only some of the major characters who become a crucial part of the storyline. But as mentioned before this is not a linear plot. There are a lot of characters, each presents their unique perspective. In becoming the lead narrator in each turn, they sort of become protagonists in their narrative. This offers us multiple POVs. 

Durarara season 3

the characters of Durarara 3
Featuring the characters of Durarara 3!

According to the timeline, the anime should be out in 2021 only, with new twists and turns. But to date, we have no official date of release. 

But the good news is that you can watch seasons 1 and 2 of the anime series (totally binge-worthy ) on Netflix with English subtitles! How cool is that?!

Rest assured, the moment we hear any possible date of release for the new launch we will convey it to you, right away.


Durarara is a unique series. The way it plays with individual storyline and mixing it up with the collective one, is well executed. This is also something we did not see before. So this might be a new adventure for you altogether. 

Each event takes place and bits and pieces are known by the separate characters. So until and unless they come together putting aside the individual conflicts, we don’t have the full picture. So we are waiting for that only.

If you are an anime fan let us know , what your thoughts are regarding one of the most complex and brilliant series ever.  

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