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Everything About The DuckTales Season 3 That You Would Not Want To Miss!


David Mudd

DuckTales Season 3 has been one of the most loved animated series of all time, isn’t it? The series has never failed to entertain its viewers with the perfect blend of action, adventure and comedy. DuckTales Season 3 has added stars to its legacy, right? But at the same time fans have been wondering if there will be another season or not. Let’s find out!

With new characters on board, DuckTales Season 3 is all about our favourite McDuck and his grandnephews. But that’s not all! We have got you many more interesting info about the series that you would definitely not like to miss. So keep reading till the end and we will not disappoint you. 

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About DuckTales Season 3

Ducktales Season 3 is the third installment of the famous American animated series DuckTales which made its debut in the year 2017. The series is based on the original 1987 series of the same name, and explores the adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his family in a fictional city of Duckburg.

Developed by Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones, DuckTales Season 3 focuses on the enhanced story elements and deeper character outlines. The third season was aired on Disney XD on the 4th of April, 2020 and continued till the month of March, 2021. Since its release, the series has received quite positive reviews from both the critics and the audience. 

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Quick Info For DuckTales Season 3

Developed By: Matt Youngberg, Francisco Angones

Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Action, Animation

Production Company: Disney Television Animation

Producer: Suzanna Olson

Original Network: Disney XD

Release Date: 4th April, 2020

Last Air Date: 15th March, 2021

No. of Episodes:  22

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Who Voiced The Characters In DuckTales Season 3?

With the introduction of new characters from other Disney animated series in DuckTales Season 3, here is the detailed list of the voice cast for you:

Main Cast And Characters

  • David Tennant voices Scrooge McDuck.
  • Ben Schwartz voices Dewey Duck
  • Danny Pudi voices Huey Duck.
  • Kate Micucci voices Webby Vanderquack
  • Bobby Moynihan voices Louie Duck.
  • Beck Bennett voices Launchpad McQuack .
  • Tony Anselmo voices Donald Duck
  • Paget Brewster voices Della Duck
  • Toks Olagundoye voices Mrs. Beakley.

Recurring Cast

  • Keith Ferguson voices Flintheart Glomgold and other characters. 
  • Eric Bauza voices Beagle Boys.
  • Jim Rash voices Gyro Gearloose.
  • Kimiko Glenn voices Lena Sabrewing.
  • Marc Evan Jackson voices Bradford Buzzard.
  • April Winchell voices Black Heron and other characters. 
  • Lin Manuel Miranda voices Fenton Crackshell- Cabrera
  • Josh Brener voices Mark Beaks
  • Kari Wahlgren voices Webra Walters and other characters. 
  • Libe Barer voices Violet Sabrewing.
  • Jameela Jamil voices Gandra Dee.

What Is The Plot Line of The DuckTales Season 3?

In The DuckTales Season 3, Donald Duck reunites with his estranged uncle Scrooge McDuck after not speaking to each other for about a decade. They get together because Donald Duck is asked to babysit McDuck’s triplet nephews for a day. For this Scrooge invites Donald Duck and the nephews at the McDuck Manor to stay with him, his grand-daughter Webby and his househelp, Mrs. Beakley.

After a series of adventures, all the Ducks discover a journal of Isabella Finch which says about several hidden treasures, and the beginning of the mission to find them. While all of this takes place, an organization named F.O.W.L plots plans to do away with the Ducks only to obtain all the treasures.

All of the sequences in The DuckTales Season 3 engage itself in a variety of adventures  of the Duck family around the world, filled with many events of laughter!

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The DuckTales Season 3 Episode Titles

The DuckTales Season 3 aired from 4th of April, 2020 to 15th of March, 2021 in a 22-episode format, with the finale episode divided into three specific parts. It includes twenty half hour episodes, one special episode of about an hour, and the 67 minutes 3-part finale episode. 

Here is the list of all the episode titles of The DuckTales Season 3:

    • Episode 1: Challenge of The Senior Junior Woodchucks! 
    • Episode 2: Quack Pack!
    • Episode 3: Double-O-Duck In You Only Crash Twice!
    • Episode 4: The Lost Harp of Mervana!
    • Episode 5: Louie’s Eleven!
    • Episode 6: Astro B.O.Y.D!
    • Episode 7: The Rumble For Ragnarok!
    • Episode 8: The Phantom And The Sorceress!
    • Episode 9: They Put A Moonlander On The Earth!
    • Episode 10: The Trickening!
    • Episode 11: The Forbidden Fountain of The Foreverglades!
    • Episode 12: Let’s Get Dangerous! (2 parts)
    • Episode 13: Escape From The ImpossiBin!
    • Episode 14: The Split Sword of Swanatantine!
    • Episode 15: New Gods On The Block!
    • Episode 16: The First Adventure!
    • Episode 17: The Fight For Castle McDuck!
    • Episode 18: How Santa Stole Christmas!
    • Episode 19: Beaks In The Shell!
    • Episode 20: The Lost Cargo of Kit Cloudkicker!
    • Episode 21: The Life And Crimes of Scrooge McDuck!
    • Episode 22: The Last Adventure! (3 parts)

The entire third season of the animated series was released on the streaming platform Disney+ on the 30th of April, 2021. 

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The DuckTales Season 3 Ratings And Reviews

The DuckTales Season 3 was very well received by the critics and the audience. On IMDb the series has a rating of 8.2 out of 10, and on Rotten Tomatoes, it has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. 

Critics categorise The DuckTales Season 3 as a highly energetic and distinctively designed show. They love this reboot of the original animated classic and there is no denial that the modern version of The DuckTales gets all of its adventurous spirit from the original series. 

As far as the audience is concerned, they just could not get over the series because it definitely gives us nostalgic feelings and they even think the reboot is better than the original one. The audience could connect to the show both joyfully and emotionally and thus felt as a part of the Duck family. They believe The DuckTales Season 3 is one of the best animated series on television with fluent and defined sequences. 

In fact, all of these reviews perfectly complement the show, isn’t it? After all, The DuckTales Season 3 has so much to offer!

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Will There Be The DuckTales Season 4?

The DuckTales Season 3 is announced as the finale season of the series, which means there will be no more of The DuckTales. The makers along with Disney have cancelled the show because according to them they got all they wanted from the series. 

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Summing It Up

That was all that we had to offer for one of the most loved animated series, The DuckTales Season 3. It is a bit sad that the series won’t be returning for a new season but at the same time we have got a lot from the series that cannot be explained through words; from nostalgic vibes to emotional attachment, from laughter giggles to adventurous rides, and many more. 

But before you leave, here is the trailer of The DuckTales Season 3 for you.

We would like you to write to us your thoughts about The DuckTales Season 3. You know, we love reading your comments!