Dua Lipa’s New Song “Houdini” is Once Again a Work of Magic



The pretty brunette held back her fans for three and a half years, but she is finally back. This pop star’s song “Houdini” blows our heads. “Houdini” is a Banger: Single Review

“Catch me if you can, where I go Houdini style,” and she didn’t come back for three and a half years. After giving hints about it on social media for a long time, Dua Lipa is back with a new song called “Houdini.” Late last week, the British-Albanian musician was seen out and about in London. She went to meet her fans with her team to give them a sneak peek of the magical “Houdini,” which has electro disco sounds and was written by Kevin Parker, aka Tame Impala. There is a touch of the Australian artist in the chorus, on bass, drums, guitar, percussion, and other instruments.

The pop star told her fans on Instagram, “HOUDINI! OUT RIGHT NOW! ALL OVER! Now let’s begin… Thanks for waiting. Today is the first day that my new record is available to everyone. I’m so grateful to be able to do this with “the group” (@tameimpala @dannylharle @carolineailin @tobiasjessojr) and share this moment with everyone. It was a dream team that worked on this video with my blood, sweat, and tears!!! It’s worth every second!!! I really hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it for you.

For fans, “Houdini” is where the magic happens

When Dua Lipa came back, she wore a simple but interesting clip. These days, her hair is fiery. The exact choreography and optical illusions in the dance studio mirror keep us on the edge of our seats. “Houdini” is part of the creative line started by “Future Nostalgia,” with dance production by “the group” (Tame Impala, Danny L Harle, Caroline Ailin, and Tobias Jesso Jr.). This is exactly what the title’s fans expected, which pushed it when it came out.

The video has been watched almost 6 million times on YouTube in less than 10 hours, and fans are having a great time in the comments. You can read “She always brings rhythms that make you want to dance and sing along!” or “Real Fact: We all agree that Dua Lipa never lets us down, her talent is pure, and her voice is out of this world!” below the video. Dua-l Management Dua Lipa is on Track to Become a Billionaire Musical Star Following a Significant Career Shift

Dua Lipa’s return is a sure thing with this song, which makes us love her single (Single) years even more as winter comes and goes. Let’s party all night!