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Dua Lipa Healthy Lifestyle: From Her Workout Routine To Her Daily Diet Plan



Dua Lipa’s body is as hot as hell, just like the title of her hit song Hotter Than Hell. We’re really talking about all the fire emojis. So, it’s no surprise that she posts pictures like this one, which screams “LOOK AT MY ABS!” all over social media to show off her very toned body. We’re looking Dua, we’re looking.

If you, like us, were inspired by the singer to try some more ab-focused exercises, you might have looked through her Instagram to find out how she stays in such great shape. So, keeping that in mind, we decided to do the hard work for you and look closely at Dua’s health and fitness routine.

We should keep in mind, though, that every body is beautiful, no matter how hot Dua’s body is. Yes, we are all beautiful in our own ways, and none of us should feel like we have to change anything about ourselves.

Scroll down for Dua Lipa workout routine and diet plan.

Dua Lipa healthy lifestyle

Dua Lipa healthy lifestyle

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