Dua-l Management Dua Lipa is on Track to Become a Billionaire Musical Star Following a Significant Career Shift



DUA LIPA is well on her way to becoming the wealthiest female pop celebrity in Britain, having acquired the publishing rights to her back catalogue and forming a business partnership with her formidable businessman father.

She has independently established Radical 22 Publishing Limited, and her father, Dukagjin, also referred to as Dugi, has been engaged to assist in the management of all her business assets.

It comes just a few days after she said she was cutting all ties with her old management business, TaP. Dua Lipa and Romain Gavras Dating Rumor Have They Already Made It Official?

“It’s a very bold move and a huge statement of intent for Dua Inc.,” a source said.

“Dua wants to take back charge of her career, and Dugi prefers to work with her.”

“He thought she was giving away too much of her earnings, and since he was now her manager, he thought the next step was to become a real business partner.”

“Like when a football player in the Premier League uses their brother as an agent, it’s to keep it in the family and stay in charge.”

“Some people in the business are saying that she sounds like a mix of Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun.” Even though Dugi is very forceful, he really does want what’s best for her.

Dua’s move was for different reasons than Taylor Swift’s long-running fight with music mogul Scooter Braun, whose company bought the master recordings of her first six albums in 2019. Since then, Swift has been re-recording all six albums to get back control of the songs.

The source said this about Dua’s new plan: “Basically, the move also reminds me of Taylor Swift—a huge female pop star changing the story and making money her own way.”

For Dua, by the time she turns 40, she might have a lot of money.

Yesterday, it was announced that the 28-year-old Grammy winner and Harry Styles helped UK music exports reach £4billion. Now, she’s making a new job move.

Tomorrow (Thursday), she’ll be back with her much-anticipated new song Houdini, which will be released at the same time in London, Tokyo, and Los Angeles.

Her third record is coming out next year. It comes after a 91-show tour in the US and Australia that sold out and made more than £80 million.

But last month, Dua made a social media faux pas when she shared an Instagram picture that seemed to show her with dental plaque. It made her team look bad.

Fans made fun of the singer and told her to “floss.”

Some sources say the coppery stains that looked bad were just a trick of the light, but others say Photoshop should have been used anyway.

“Dua and the new team are moving forward, and mistakes will be made,” the person said.

“But in the end, this is all about a young woman, not even 30 years old, being in charge of her own creativity and learning on the job.” It gives me hope.”

She will have to go on tour again as part of the new deal.

In June, she was placed 21st on The Sunday Times Rich List for people under 35, with a fortune of £75 million. By the end of next year, this could easily double.

A news release sent out last week confirmed part of her new deal.

Tata Publishing stated in a short statement that it had sold the rights back to the artist and said, “We wish Dua all the best for the future.”

She signed with TaP, which also represents Ellie Goulding, Lana del Rey, and Noah Cyrus. Executive Ben Mawson found her in a London drink bar and suggested she join the company.

She quit the company in February 2022, and her father has been running it since then.

“Dukagjin felt that his daughter and he were working nonstop but not getting enough of the money pot,” said the source.

Dugi thought that if he had more daily control over Dua, she could keep all the money she was making after the last deal, where she gave away about 20% of her income.

“They’re really close.” Everyone is very happy about the future and Dugi is very proud of his daughter.

She was born in London in 1995, after her Kosovo-born Albanian parents moved there from Kosovo.

The Work of Art

She started making cover versions of her favorite songs and putting them on YouTube after being turned down for the band at her elementary school.

After Kosovo got its independence in 2008, the family moved back to Kosovo. When Dua was 15, they moved back to the UK, and she later signed a deal with Warner Music Group.

She quietly set up Dua Lipa Limited as a private limited company in 2014. The singer was named as the only director, shareholder, and “person of significant control.”

As “artistic creation” was the company’s main business, it was clear that Dua was getting things in order before she attacked the charts.

She became well-known when her 2018 song “One Kiss” with Calvin Harris topped music charts all over the world.

After a year, One Kiss won the Brit Award for Single of the Year. At the Grammys, she won best new act and best dance recording.

She also has lucrative deals with companies like Evian and high-end fashion names like Versace and Yves Saint Laurent. She also has a six-figure deal to sell the Truly alcoholic drink on social media.

Her most recent big hit was “Dance the Night,” which was on the soundtrack for the hit movie “Barbie.” She also had a small role in the movie.

She did, however, get into trouble last year when she officially denied rumors that she would be performing at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

A country in the Middle East has been in the news for a long time because of its treatment of foreign workers who helped build the stadiums for the event and its record on LGBTQ and women’s rights.

“There is a lot of talk that I will be performing at the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar,” she said.

“I am not going to perform, and I have never been included in any talks to perform.”

Emails sent afterward showed that her dad, who runs the communications firm Republika, had called tournament officials and offered to help plan the opening ceremony with other live acts, without mentioning Dua. This was very embarrassing.

The texts happened over the course of almost two years. The 54-year-old woman wrote, “I represent my daughter” and was proud of how well one of her live-stream events went.

He also talked about his links to other big names in music, like Calvin Harris, Shawn Mendes, and Camila Cabello.

It’s not likely that Dua knew about the contacts, though.