Drops Of God Release Date: A Delicious Blend of Wine and Drama Comes to Apple TV+



With the introduction of their new food-centric drama series the Drops of God release date is out.  Apple TV+ is following the current trend of generating films and episodes focused on culinary and gastronomy topics. The topic of enology, or the study of wine, and gourmet is explored in this episode. Quoc Dang Tran has written Drops of God. It is based on a popular Japanese manga series.

Release Date Of  Drops of God

The highly anticipated series, Drops of God will release on Friday, April 21, 2023, only on Apple TV+. The first two episodes of the series will be released together.

Cast Of Drops of God

  • Shizuku Kanzaki is a junior employee in the Taiyo Beer company. He is the legitimate son of Yutaka Kanzaki and his late wife, who passed away when he was six.
  • Miyabi Shinohara is a sommelier apprentice who works in a French restaurant and has extensive knowledge of wine.
  • Yutaka Kanzaki, Shizuki’s father, was a leading wine collector with a collection worth around 2 billion yen at the current market price.

Drops Of God Release Date

  • Issei Tomine is a young and charismatic wine critic who became Yutaka’s adopted son shortly before his death and is interested in Yutaka’s extensive wine collection.
  • Christopher Watkins is a young American man sent by his father to help search for the “Twelve Apostles” wines starting from the “Ninth Apostle,” according to Yutaka’s will.
  • Ryouko Kiryuu is Yutaka’s lawyer who was present when Yutaka made his will and was entrusted with managing his wine collection and executing his will.

Plot Of Drops of God

At the start of the story, we are introduced to Shizuku Kanzaki. He works for Taiyo Beer, a Japanese beverage company There his job is to sell beer. Shizuku receives news that his father, whom he is separated from, has passed away. His father, Yutaka Kanzaki, was a well-known wine critic who owned a large and famous wine collection. Shizuku is called to the family home to hear the reading of his father’s will. His family home is a magnificent European-style mansion.

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During this process, he learns that to inherit his father’s property he must identify and describe thirteen wines accurately. The first twelve wines are known as the “Twelve Apostles”.  And the thirteenth is known as the “Drops of God” or “Kami no Shizuku” in the original Japanese edition and “Les Gouttes de Dieu” in the French translation.

Shizuku also discovers that he has a competitor in this challenge. His competitor is a well-known young wine critic named Issei Tomine. Shizuku also finds out that his father recently adopted Issei Tomine as his other son.

Shizuku, the story’s protagonist, has never been interested in wine. But he does have a phenomenal sense of taste and smell. Despite his lack of expertise, Shizuku is helped in his challenge by childhood wine memories and his pals. He also gets help from trainee sommelier Miyabi Shinohara and his coworkers in Taiyo Beer’s newly formed wine department.

Drops Of God Release Date

Trailer Of Drops of God

The trailer for the upcoming show Drops of God is recently out. The show consists of eight episodes.+. The season’s first two episodes will air together, followed by one episode every Friday until June 2, 2023. The series is produced in English, French, and Japanese, and features Tomohisa Yamashita who also appeared in The Man From Toronto, and Fleur Geffrier as its lead actors.

Review For Drops of God

Critics both locally and globally have highly praised the Drops of God series. They commented about its engaging plot, impressive art, and informative approach to wine knowledge. Its popularity has also earned it a spot in the New York Times Best Selling list for manga multiple times.

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The manga’s coverage of wines has even been featured in The New York Times’s Dining and Wine section, It has emphasized the impact the manga has had on the sales of the wines it features.

Where To Watch Drops of God?

The Apple TV+ premiere of Drops of God, the television series adaptation of a Japanese manga also name Drops Of God, is scheduled for April 21, 2023. For Japanese audiences, the series will be exclusively available on Hulu (Japan) at the same time.

The new Drops of God series from Apple TV+ goes into an unknown space by focusing on mind games, which is a break from their normal material. The streaming service has provided a brief summary to spark interest among viewers.


The cultural impact of Drops of God has been enormous. It has spurred an increased interest in wines, particularly those included in the manga. It has also launched lesser-known wineries into the spotlight. It has increased both domestic and international sales and has created a market for wine speculation, with some bottles initially priced at roughly $20 soaring to hundreds of dollars overnight.

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