David Mudd

Dreams: The Video Game That Help You To Create A Video Game

Dreams…… we all know what dream is. But what if it is not like that kind of dream? Yes, Here we are talking about the Game Creation System which is called DREAMS.

Dream Of Video Game

Dream of video game represents our thoughts, experiences, situation, everything. A video game can be similar to the puzzle but more complicated or may more expansive.

As we don’t have a limit in our imagination, there is also no boundary on the creation of a video game. A game maker has to be skilled in multi-tasking.


Dreams is a game creation system published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by Media Molecule. Director Mark Healey is known as a god in the video gaming world.

Chief programmers of Dreams are Alex Evans and David Smith. It was released on 14th February 2020 on PlayStation 4. There are two modes in it, single-player and multiplayer.

Journey of Dreams

As Healey wanted to give its players their freedom to create, Dreams doesn’t have any perfect plot or character or quests or anything.

But some tools will help the player to create their games in Dreams. There are two modes in the game. One is Dream Shaping where a player can create. And another one is Dream Surfing which is similar to YouTube.

Dreams provide game templates to new players so that they can edit and modify it and eventually become able to create on their own. Dreams also provide 3-D software for making the creations more impactful.

But a question about the ownership of the creation remains. But Director Healey assured that anything that created in Dreams belongs to its creator. He also stated that Media Molecule just wants to open opportunities for people to invent, design and create new genres. This game can teach players the basic principle of video game making.

There are so many potential designers. Dreams want to show us that with proper guidance and tools real talent will be flourished by itself.