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Dragon Prince


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Dragon Prince Season 4: Confirmed Release Date? And Story Leaks!

Most of the animated series we saw to date may be Japanese. But the Dragon Prince is an American animation series. The creators of the series are Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond. Besides, it’s a Netflix Originals animated motion drama produced by Wonderstorm.

An enjoyable comedy and fantasy animated internet collection. Besides, the complete animation of the series is done by Bardel Leisure. After three great successful seasons, the team is finally ready to release its fourth season.

Release Date Of Dragon Prince: Season 4

The Dragon Prince
The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince launched its first-ever episode on September 14, 2018. Besides, the second season shown in the mini and mega screens on February 15, 2019.  Until now the whole collection is combined with 27 episodes. While taking notes from these two releases, the next season may release in late 2020.

Although, there are chances for delays because of the main thing that happening now globally. Yes, the pandemic itself. However, all the works been done in the time of season three itself. So, there is a strong chance for it to release in 2020.

Plot Line Of The Dragon Prince

The whole story is about the continent of Nadia. It is a fantasy land split into two by a lava river. Two human princes forge an unlikely bond with the elfin assassin sent to kill them. They go for an epic ride together to bring peace to their lands. We noticed in the earlier season that the military of Viren defeated. Besides, Viren got revived by the dark magic of Claudia.

However, an exact storyline for season 4 is not yet available. Even though, no trailers are out yet. The fans are excited and happy about the confirmation of season 4.

The Dragon Prince
The Dragon Prince