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Dragon Ball Z : Upcoming DLC’s Information Revealed, How It Affects Golden Frieza

For all the gamers awaiting fresh news, we have something for you. Dragon Ball Z has finally scheduled its upcoming TLC and Time machine update. This was much awaited. People are elated with this news of the release. However, some things are not going to be as they were initially expected to be.

Dragon Ball Z

Players wanting an adaptation of the Gods of the Universe Z Arc are in for a disappointment. However, the update will be released on March 21. The makers will release more details about it, but then actual details will only be available after the actual release.

The Big News Dragon Ball Z

Ken Xyro, a fan of the game have informed about the game. His speculations are trusted because he has revealed accurate content about the game earlier as well. If he is to be believed, then this update will add a new Super Saiyan God form.

This will feature a whole new set of skills, training, and a whole new story. Titled ‘A New Awakening’, this can be played anytime along with the main storyline. This idea will show the same story in similar ways to before but will feature new things like the ability to Batlle against the Beerus.

What About Dragon Ball Z Golden Frieza?

Dragon Ball Z

Both the story episodes will take over the original story as of now. The expected episodes od Dragon Ball Z: Karakot will be different from what expected and as of now, a mystery to be decoded. Now, if the story isn’t going to turn out as it was intended to be, the return of Golden Frieza is also uncertain.

This is a major cause of worry and speculation as people were waiting for this part to emerge since long now. With this twist, there is a rise in many questions. Even if Golden Frieza returns, will it act as another endgame boss? How similar will it be to Beerus and Bonyu? These questions are still unanswered.

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About Super Saiyan Blue

As of now, there is no information about Super Saiyan Blue. Now that the story suggests another DLC, the god will appear before than in the anime. The story will now be presented in fragments. It will add a new boss battle way to unlock the new Super Saiyan God form.

Dragon Ball Z

This Vegeta will appear before expectations. So, SSG Vegeta and Goku might even have new characters. But this is based on speculation and an official word on this is still pending.


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