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Dragon Ball Z: New Released Screenshots Reveal DLC Arc , Beerus, Whis And More


David Mudd

New screenshots are released in Dragon Ball Z. They reveal new things in the game and players have never been more excited. New information is released about the new and first DLC in Dragon Ball Z: Karakot. The game is all set to release this spring. Naturally, it came as a surprise to fans.

Dragon Ball Z

No one expected a leak in this game beforehand. But now that it has happened, it has revealed interesting new information about the game. It is thought that the game would adopt the gods of the destruction super saga. The DLC will unlock new skills to be unlocked, Super Saiyan God Goku and Vegeta. Now that we have screenshots from the publisher, previously acquired information might be wrong.

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What To Expect?

First, you’ll get two new playable characters. However, the transformation for them is not given. They will be super Saiyan God Goku and Vegeta. You can unlock Super Saiyan blue by training with Whis. Both of them will transform into Super Saiyan blue. When you battle with the angel, you can also unlock the battle with Beerus.

Dragon Ball Z

This will be like another endgame boss. So, you can consider it to be similar to Bonyu. These characters will add to the fun of the game. The battle with Beerus is an added feature in the game. This will make it more interesting.

More Information Dragon Ball Z

DLC will allow the unlocking of new skills. However, players have to have the Raditz fight before they reach level 25. This means that the super Saiyan god needs to be unlocked first from Whis’ training. The training sessions with Whis begin at level 5. You are at a beginner stage then, which is quite a low level to reach.

Many more details will be coming in the future. But, with what we have, we know that unlocked super Saiyan god will be easy. However, getting to this super Saiyan transformation so quickly will be quite strange. So, we’re looking for more insights.

Dragon Ball Z

What Do The Screenshots Show?

These screenshots show insights into what the game will be like. You see the new characters. So, you will see Whis. You’ll see the new characters. You will also feature in the Battle with Beerus.