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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Problems Players Are Facing With Time Machine Update


David Mudd

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Time Machine got a lot more interesting with the latest update. The game already had a Time Machine mechanic, to begin with, but it was quite limited in terms of its capability. Now, however, it can do a lot more and players will likely welcome these changes.

A More Capable Time Machine

Before, players would go to the Time Machine for one reason and one reason alone – to play as Future Trunks. This adds Future Trunks to your party, so it’s still neat. You’d still expect a time machine to have more to it, though.

Dragon Ball Z

Well, it seems like developer CyberConnect2 agrees, as they recently opened it up a bit more. Now, players can use the Time Machine as, well, a time machine. That is to say that you can travel back through the main story and replay old missions. This could be anything from a cool boss fight that you want more of or a side mission that you missed out on the first time around.

The Good And The Bad Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Completion will especially appreciate this change, as it saves them from having to play the game all over again to go through 100% of it. That being said, this new Time Machine update does bring with itself a set of problems.

Since this feature allows you to go back in time and replay missions, you don’t lose your current level. So, if you happen to go back far enough with a beast of a character, that boss fight that was challenging and memorable the first time around wraps up in one or two hits. For those who want to quickly wrap up achievements, this might be great. However, it could get boring in the long term.

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Some Suggestion On How They Could Fix The Bad

So, what can CyberConnect2 do about it? As GameRant puts it in their article, there are a couple of things they could try out. For one, they could simply lock the levels at which a certain fight in the past takes place. This way, Goku won’t end Raditz with the blink of an eye and take all the tension out of that story moment.

The other thing they could do is to scale the levels of the enemies up to match your current level. This could add to the intensity of the fight, without handicapping the player. This certainly doesn’t fix all of the Time Machine’s issues, but it does make things challenging and enjoyable.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.