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Drag Kids: Updated Information That Documentary Movie Admirer Must Know:


David Mudd

Do documentary movies matches your taste? Are found in streaming these kinds of films? If it is a big yes, then you will definitely get to know about a movie here giving you a similar experience.

Well, the movie ratings are not so high but some of the onlookers admired it a lot. The title of the movie is Drag Kids. So, this article will furnish you with all the significant details that you must know about it.

So, read it thoroughly.

Drag Kids: An Overview-

Drag Kids is a Canadian Documentary movie that was written and directed by Megan Wennberg. The film is 80 minutes long and produced by Edward Peill and Erin Oakes in the English language. The cinematography of the film is done by Paul McCurdy and it was edited by Warren Jefferies.

Drag Kids

The film follows four young children (Lady Gaga, Suzan Bee Anthony, Queen Lactatia, and Bracken Hanke) from the United States, Canada, and Europe, who performed together as Drag Entertainers for the first time in Fierte Montreal (an annual LGBT pride festival in Montreal, Quebec) in the year 2018.

Now let’s move towards its premiere date… when the movie was actually released?

Drag Kids: When it was premiered?

The film was first premiered on 28th April 2019 at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival in Toronto, Ontario. The starring members also performed at the Drag Bunch conducted by the city’s Glad Day Bookshop.

Additionally, the movie was screened at the Inside Out Film and Video Festival in the same month. In the end, the movie won the festival’s award for the Best Canadian Feature Film.

Later, the film has its broadcast release on the Documentary Channel on 25th July 2019. The film debuted on 24th October 2019 at a New Fest in New York City. And it was released worldwide in 2020.

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Drag Kids: Starring Cast Members:

Well, this is the most interesting section that you all want to know about. Isn’t it?

  • Jason Kerr as Himself (Drag Artist- Susan Bee Anthony)
  • Olivia Bailey appeared as herself (Jason’s sister)
  • Trinity Bailey in the role of herself (Jason’s sister)
  • Victoria Bailey Kerr as Her self (Jason’s mother)
  • Gregory Kerr acted as Himself (Jason’s father)
  • Nemis QuinnMelacon Golden as Her self (Queen Lactatia)
  • Bracken Hanke played the character of Her self (Hyper Queen- Bracken)
  • Dominique Hanke in the appearance of Her self (Bracken’s mother)
  • Stephan Hirst played the role of Her self (Lady Gaga)
  • Megan Wennberg acted as Himself (Drag Kids Director)

In most movies, we admire at least one or two actors’ plays. Isn’t this with you? If yes, then drop your preferred starring cast name in the note section so that we could know about it.

Drag Kids: Ratings

Drag Kids received mixed ratings and critics from the audience and it got ratings of 5.1 out of 10 by IMDb and 56 % by Just Watch.

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Where to watch Drag Kids?

Drag Kids is streaming online on Hulu. You can also rent it and download it on Fandango Now, VUDU, and Amazon Prime Video. Moreover, You can buy it on VUDU, Fandango Now, and Amazon Prime Video.


All the information has been shared about the Drag Kids. You if admire documentary movies that you must give it a try. As you will definitely learn from the movie. Although the rating of the movie is not so good, streaming it is a good option to enter into an area of now entertainment.

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