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Double Shot at Love Season 3: When Was This Reality Show Has Been Filmed?


Aditi Deshinge

Double Shot at love season 3 is an American reality television show which was featured with DJ Pauly and Vinny Guadagnino from Jersy Shore. The first season of Double Shot at Love was premiered on 11th April 2019. This season featured 20 female competing for attention and affection of both Pauly and Vinny.

The second season, dubbed Vegas Ex-scape was debuted on 11th June, 2020 and it has been featured six contestants from the season 1. Additionally it has three more male cast members who moved into Pauly and Vinny’s suite at The Linq hotel in Las Vegas at the time of working at Drai’s Beachclub and Nightclub.

The show was renewed for the third season on 13th April, 2021 and this time also it was reverted to the first season’s dating theme with Pauly and Nikki guiding Vinny on the hunt for his perfect match. And Double Shot at love season 3 was premiered on 16th September 2021.

Double Shot at Love Season 3

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What is the Cast of Double Shot at Love Season 3?

Check out the list of Double Shot at love season 3 casts along with their age and status below –

Contestant Age Status
Akielia Rucker 28 Winner
Emily “Peachy” Piccinonno 26 Finale
Erika DeVito 28 Finale
Kristen Panarella 29 Episode 11
Danielle Hopson 28 Episode 11
Peyton Freestone 25 Episode 10
Kayla Penoli 26 Episode 9
Jovanna Del Plato 30 Episode 9
Jillian Pantaleo 30 Episode 9
Claudelia Zarate 24 Episode 8
Hanh “Honey” Nguyen 26 Episode 7
Erica Pecore 25 Episode 6
Kortni Montgomery 30 Episode 5
Jasmine Jones 28 Episode 4
Leanzy Peterson 29 Episode 4
Bidisa Chandra 26 Episode 3
Abigail “Abi” Memoli 27 Episode 3
Kyra Carey 28 Episode 2
Kiana Khoshaba 25 Episode 2


When Was Double Shot at Love Season 3 Filmed?

Double Shot at love was reaching towards its finale a few days back and so the show is wrapped up now. Vinny Guadagino went on several dates in order to find his match at a very famous location. Next to Pauly D’s successful attempt to find his woman, Nicki Hall while the first season of MTV’s reality show, Double Shot at love season 3, Vinny is now in the line to find his love.

Double Shot at Love Season 3

There is a big line of young ladies who are waiting to win Vinny’s heart. The incredible location which is featured in the show which wondered viewers about where the crew has filmed parts? Well the answer for this question is that the show was filmed at ADERO hotels which is situated in Scottsdale in Arizona.

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Trailer –

Check out the trailer of Double Shot at Love Season 3 in given below video. By watching this trailer, you well get an idea about the show so it will become easy for you to decide whether to watch this show or not.

What Was the Release Date of Double Shot at Love Season 3?

Double Shot at love season 3 was released on 16th September 2021 and it was last aired on 9th December 2021.

How many episodes of Double Shot at love season 3 are there?

The reality show overall contains 44 episodes and among this Double Shot at love season 3 consists of 12 episodes. Check out the episode guide below –

  • Season 3 E12 · Vinny’s Final Shot

Air Date 9 Dec 2021

  • Season 3 E11 · Episode 11

Air Date 2 Dec 2021

  • Season 3 E10 · Episode 10

Air Date 18 Nov 2021

  • Season 3 E09 · Vin-Prov

Air Date 11 Nov 2021

  • Season 3 E08 · Tea Time With Snooki and JWoww

Air Date 4 Nov 2021

  • Season 3 E07 · Look Out for the Quiet Ones

Air Date 28 Oct 2021

  • Season 3 E06 · Vinny Van Gogh

Air Date 21 Oct 2021

  • Season 3 E05 · You Didn’t Think Angelina Would Show Up?

Air Date 14 Oct 2021

  • Season 3 E04 · Chicken Buttlet

Air Date 7 Oct 2021

  • Season 3 E03 · Who’s Gonna Kiss Vinny Second

Air Date 30 Sept 2021

  • Season 3 E02 · Episode 2

Air Date 23 Sept 2021

Pauly and Nikki have a not so welcome surprise for Vinny, a visit from his ex, Maria. Sparks will fly but will they be the good kind or the bad kind. Vinny shares a kiss with someone special.

  • Season 3 E01 · Episode 1

Air Date  16 Sept 2021

Everybody needs somebody, and Vinny is ready for love; after seeing love spark for Pauly and Nikki, Vinny is willing to try this crazy experiment all over again.

Conclusion –

So from this given above information, we hope that, you have required information regarding this reality show Double Shot at Love season 3.

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