Dororo Season 2: Canceled or renewed?

Dororo Season 2
Dororo Season 2

After airing 24-episode season 1 in 2019, fans are wondering where is Dororo Season 2. If you want to know the same, you’re at the right place.

Today, I’ll tell you when the next season might release & what you can expect from it. But first, let’s go over some basic info. on Dororo anime & manga.

Last year’s Dororo anime is a remake of the same anime released years back in 1969. Both anime editions were inspired by manga series published from August 27, 1967, to October 1969.

At that time manga series was short-lived as it concluded after 19 episodes in 4 volumes. Even though the manga series finished because of editorial issues, it came back to life in anime.

Not once but twice.

Dororo Season 2 Storyline

As I said in the beginning, Dororo made its debut in 1969, with 26 episodes. The first manga publication was done on April 6, 1969, by manga artist Osamu Tezuka. Right after the series, he became a popular face in the manga world.

Then one year later came the sad part; the manga series got canceled all of a sudden. Osamu Tezuka is the writer as well as the illustrator of the series. Consequently, its anime edition of Dororo was released 2 years later in 1969.

Now, it’s been 50 years since its release, looking at its increasing popularity, a production company MAPPA decided to make a remake of the series. This came to reality when Mappa started airing new episodes from January 7, 2019. By the end of June 2019, MAPPA concluded season 1 with 24 episodes. Dororo Season 1 also aired on Blu-ray boxes.

Before all this anime remake, Dororo made an epic return way back in 2004 with a video game. Titled Blood Will Tell, the video game returned as a part of the series. However, the game failed miserably in doing successful business.

Dororo Season 2 Possible Spoilers

MAPPA concluded Dororo season 1 with the main storyline. And this move was welcomed by the fans as it received the highest ratings on Google. Here’s the screenshot of Dororo’s (2019) anime ratings: At the time of writing this post, the show received 198 reviews averaging at 4.9 stars. That looks great, isn’t it?

Now, coming back to Dororo Season 2, if Mappa wants to release the anime series, it’s a must for them to develop a new storyline.

They can come up with Hyakkimaru gaining all his body parts, Hyakkimaru getting revenge. There are countless possibilities. All we can do is wait for them to announce the plot for Dororo Season 2 officially.

Still, some fans can’t resist themselves listing possibilities.

Possibilities that can come true in Dororo Season 2. According to some, the new season will shift to the titular character of Dororo. Dororo Season 1 revealed his sexuality. Now, it would be exciting to watch his life as a girl.

Even though these are merely fans’ expectations, but you never know when all this comes to reality.

Dororo Season 2 Possible Release Date

Dororo anime, when released in 1969, had an open-ending. Just like that, MAPPA ended 2019’s Dororo with an open ending. This once again hints that we can’t be sure that there’ll be a season 2. In fact, earlier, there were rumors that Dororo has ended their stint with the anime series.

Hence, that explains the open ending.

As I said earlier, if the production studio decides to release Dororo Season 2, they’ve to work on a new storyline. Looking at the anime fans’ overall response, Dororo Season 2’s possibility is now higher than ever.

Whatever way it is, I’ll let you know once there is any official confirmation on its renewal or cancellation. So, stay tuned with us for further updates. Meanwhile, you can read the Dororo manga series on mangahere, an online library for manga readers.

Final Thoughts

That’s all for now. What do you think of Dororo Season 2’s possibility? Will it be renewed or canceled by MAPPA? Whatever it is, do share your thoughts on this via the comments section given below.


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