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David Mudd

Doom: Top 7 Toughest Bosses Who Refuse To Go Down!

Defeating demonic forces in Hell is never an easy thing to do. Doom Eternal has a different kind of such demonic creatures in it. That includes already remaining and returning along with new enemies. The series never had more diverse enemies to slay. Melee units and flying enemies along with even minibosses can make the game much difficult by appearing in different parts of the game.

Doom Eternal can challenge the players in every way and make their path to success too hard. Here are the top 7 of the toughest bosses who all are difficult to defeat. After all, the list includes returning fan-favorites or new entries into the game.

Baron Of Hell


Baron Hell was introduced in Doom 2016b as the last enemy type. Besides, it got an entire alteration in the Doom Eternal. Now it thrives at close-range fight and can close the gap quickly. Preferred weapons of Baron Of Hell are Flaming Energy Blades. Those can make big damage to Doomslayer if he gets closer.


Prowlers take substantially more damage before dying. They are encountered in the first few levels in the game. Their number increases when you move towards the end of the game. They can deal with massive hits and melee damage. Whenever the player swarmed by Prowlers. All there is to do is using the strongest weapon in the arsenal against it.

Dread Knight

Dread Knights can be found much earlier before Barons of Hell. But they are not much powerful as Baron of Hell. They take the strength of Barons and infuse them with moveset of Hell Knight. Flaming swords are strapped to their arms to slash at players. The players can’t leave Dread Knight unattended because they can stun the player and make substantial damage.

Doom Hunter


Very Tank type of demons can act as the first boss fighter in the game. Two of them needed to be defeated to complete an earlier level. That makes Doom Hunter uncommon heavy enemies. Energy weapons are the weakness of these creatures in their floating form. Besides, it requires little extra shots on the face to finish off.

Cyber Mancubus

Mancubus is not much of a difficult enemy to kill. If you use the right guns, you can blow off their cannons and finish them in a Glory Kill. They are equipped with thick armor and have cannons that are too hard to destroy.


Marauder is the least favorite enemy of most of the players of Doom Eternal. These enemies can use a Super Shotgun just like you. And have same upbringing as the Doomslayer. Players can falter them by firing while Marauder attacking with its axe. They can shoot at you with Super Shotgun if you get closer.


Arch-Vile can change the flow of battle quickly in Doom Eternal. These are the enemies who can erupt flame walls, summon demons, and buff every enemy in the encounter.

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