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Doom Patrol Season 3: Plot | Cast | Platform


David Mudd

Doom Patrol Season 3 is an American superhero  TV series by Jeremy Carver. DC has an interesting approach when it comes to making saviours. They always seem to experiment on the idea of heroism. Their heroes are not typically good people with Glorious past and friendly nature. But rather DC chooses people with chequered pasts and social outcasts. This show follows the DC tradition. 

By far, this is the craziest of all DC shows. It is precisely why the show is so awesome. The viewers are shown how horrible it could be, gaining superhuman abilities. The show capitalises on absolutely absurd imagination and somehow the humongous cockroach ends up reminding us of Kafka’s Metamorphosis.  It stands for its own gross and ugly battle for existence. 

Continue this article to know about this show, it’s a plot, new season, release date and cast.

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Adaptation of Doom Patrol Season 3

The series is based on 1963 DC comics by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney and artist Bruno Permiani

Plot of Doom Patrol Season 3

the official photoshoot of the cast of doom patrol season 3 cast
Featuring the cool characters of Doom Patrol Season 3!

The lead characters of this show are people enhanced with special powers. But these special powers were not given to them as gifts. They all met with accidents and ended up with their powers. These accidents traumatized them for life and they even were disfigured in the process. 

This group of malfunctioning people must stick together to survive and so they do so under the care of Dr Caulder. The good doctor shelters them from the judging society and themselves. 

These unlikely heroes face a lot of challenges and trouble seems to follow them wherever they go. In one of the initial episodes, Edic Moder kidnaps the Doctor by opening a vortex and it becomes the team’s responsibility to save him. 

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The Team 

The core members of the team include Crazy Jane who has 64 different personalities, Elasti Girl whose face sort of melts into expandable plastic, Robotman Clifford Steele, Negative man and a cyborg. Later Dorothy Spinner, the doctor’s daughter, joins the team. Her power was that she could turn her imagination into reality. She is also responsible for bringing the monster Candlemaker into reality. 

Before getting to season 3 let us get you a quick recap.

Recap: where it all began

the official poster of doom patrol
Doom Patrol Season 2 turns out to be a weird chain of events.

Season 1 of the show revolves around the animosity between Niles Caulder and Mr Nobody. The story takes us back to 1940s Paraguay where Nazi scientist Heinrich Von Fuchs experiments on criminal Eric Modern and turns him into a metahuman Mr Nobody. Caulder was present there. He shot both of them as he saw the dangers of the experiments and their only intention was to gain immortality. 

It is revealed later that they both lived and vowed to destroy Caulder. 

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Niles Caulder and his secret 

Caulder’s team, Doom Patrol, are people who have special abilities. In addition to this, they are immortal. But their lives are miserable as their immortality was achieved through horrible accidents that left them completely disfigured. This has led them literally damaged and disfigured. That is when Caulder offers them shelter. He planned to help them heal and rehabilitate. 

It is revealed much later why Caulder was so generous to these people and why he wanted to save them. Mr Nobody lets the secret out finally: it was Caulder who caused those horrible accidents to these people when he was researching immortality. 

The story of Dorothy Spinner

Dorothy Spinner is Niles Caulder’s daughter and Caulder, it turns out, was in the immortality experiment in the first place to protect his daughter. This story again takes us back further into the past. Back when he was working for the Bureau of Normalcy he was searching for “oddities” of life form. Any life form that was not common and might be considered odd, was ordered to be destroyed. During this search, he met a sort of cavewoman whom he was supposed to kill. Later she saves him and they become lovers. She is the mother of Dorothy. For Niles, nothing matters to him more than keeping his daughter safe. 

The Team 

the cast of doom patrol season 3
The amazing cast of Doom Patrol Season 3!

When the Team Doom Patrol learns about what Niles did to them, they are shocked and repulsed. They believed Niles to be a good and kind man who believed in them. Now they feel more broken and betrayed from within. The only reason they stick together is that they don’t want Dorothy to suffer for her father’s sins.

Season 3 of Doom Patrol 

Season 3 is full of action and weird and crazy moments. An ensemble of new characters like Madame Rouge, Shelley Byron, Lloyd Jefferson and Agent!  Will be introduced in season 3. The show came with a strong fan base and fits perfectly with HBO max show profile where it is available now.  

The show will probably focus more on Dorothy and the dangerous sides of her power and the team does its best to survive.

Release date of Doom Patrol Season 3

The new series will release on 23 Rd September 2021

Availability of Doom Patrol Season 3

The show is available on HBO max and AmazonPrime video.


The series carries the traditional DC motto of unlikely heroes. What sets this show apart is that the people with extraordinary abilities don’t see themselves as heroes. They don’t want to be either. They just want to have simple human lives. They don’t want this and they will never forget the cost of their immortality

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