Doom of Love


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Doom of Love: a Beautiful Turkish Movie That Focuses on an Amazing Love Story!

The new Turkish romantic drama movie named Doom of Love or Aşkın Kıyameti is available on Netflix.

The OTT network appears to be engaging in regional Turkish projects, offering us a variety of rom coms like Asli Enver’s In Good Hands and others from the same genre. Hilal Saral is indeed the film’s director, and Yilmaz Erdogan wrote the script. BKM Films is the producer.

Upon experiencing tremendous professional success as Ceylin throughout the TV series Judgment, the fans eagerly anticipated seeing Pinar Deniz inside this movie.

The movie, which was filmed in Turkey’s Antalya Olympos that had its premiere on June 20, 2022, was marketed as a summer blockbuster because of its scenes mostly on deep blue water and sandy beaches.

So let’s start watching this Turkish film.

What Do We Know About the Storyline?

Doom of Love

Firat has only just emerged from a coma but also discovers that perhaps the world has undergone a significant transformation. He confronts his mother regarding the associates he was in the collision with. Firat thinks back to his past just before the accident as his mother mourns over this issue.

Owner Firat runs a business that specializes in creating obituaries for the deceased. However, the organization is in danger of collapsing into bankruptcy.    After talking this over with his coworkers, he determines that closing the agency will be to everyone’s advantage.

He is, nevertheless, deeply in debt and owes money to the staff. Therefore, her friend and coworker suggested that he borrow additional cash from her husband Serhat as he had lately made a sizable sum through trading Bitcoin.

She invites him to join her and her husband at a three-day event as well. Firat consents to accompany them only to request the money.

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When Firat arrives, he discovers that the event’s only programs are yoga and meditation. As soon as Firat requests Serhat for funds, his already miserable state makes him desire to leave the venue. Nevertheless, Firat met and fell in love with Lydia when they first met. Lydia is indeed the festival choir’s lead vocalist.

Due to his realization that Lydia has already been dating her guitarist, Yusuf, Firat is unable to approach Lydia directly. Firat musters up the confidence to ask Serhat for quite a loan as he is leaving the festival, and Serhat promised to give him $30,000.

It would still be insufficient to pay off all the bills, so Firat accepts a position as a medical representative at one of his friend’s companies.

To his delight, Lydia, as well as Yusuf, are present when he travels to Maramarines for a scheduled conference for the job. Yusuf is invited to something like a beach party but declines because of work obligations.

But, fate works out and both of them meet again.

Who Are the Main Cast Members of the Movie?

Doom of Love

Pinar Deniz portrayed the role of Lidya, Boran Kuzum featured in the role of Firat, Yigit Kirazci played the role of Yusuf, Musa Uzunlar got to play the role of Serhat, Gürhan Altundasar played the role of Musa, as well as Zeynep Tokus got to play Seda.

The central characters had strong performances and then were effective in projecting an interesting interplay between the key parts. Lydia exudes glitz as a vibrant, upbeat young woman. Firat is indeed a man who eventually discovers about being free and is also optimistic although a little reluctant.

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The artists skillfully brought the characters to life to captivate the audience. Firat’s persona was incredibly powerful, and the sentiments of pain, uncertainty, and joy could all be felt.

What Do We Know About the Beautiful Direction?

Doom of Love

The set design, as well as the cinematography, are some additional components that assist complete the narrative. The beautiful and reflective atmosphere are both greatly enhanced by the orchestral pattern employed all through the film.

Naturally, the background music by the central protagonists is all entertaining in various ways.

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The various retreat centers the crew resides in always have well-designed sets that drive a serene mood without being over the edge. Additionally, the cinematography in every one of them contributes to the calm.

Trailer of Doom of Love!

Let’s take a glance at this wonderful journey of love through this trailer.


What is the IMBD rating of the film ‘Doom of Love’?

The IMBD rating of the film ‘Doom of Love’ is 4.7/10.

What is the runtime of the film?

The film has a runtime of 1h 40m.

What are the main genres of ‘Doom of Love’?

The main genres of ‘Doom of Love’ are both Drama and Romance.


Doom of Love seems adequate in its current form, with a likable cast as well as a strong, motivating message emphasizing consciousness above all else. Both a romance and a voyage of self-discovery are included in Doom of Love.

Firat struggles with learning to love himself and live almost as much as he struggles with falling in love with Lydia. In all seriousness, the film focuses as much on Firat’s struggle to let go of the past and live in the present as it does on everything else.