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DOOM Eternal : You Can Test The Streaming Tech For Bethesda On iOS This Year


David Mudd

This year is expecting many releases. Also, the year has been huge in terms of gaming alone. Many new games, updates, features are going to be in the market by the end of the year. Cashing this trend is very important. Bethesda is doing exactly that. It knows how to get its game right DOOM Eternal.

So, the firm is working to integrate new technology in Doom Eternal. This will improve the gaming experience with the game. They are expecting players to sign up here to be included in the test. The change will be evident in the 2016 reboot of DOOM Eternal on iOS by the end of this year. Selected players will join the beta testing of the technology.

The Official Announcement DOOM Eternal

The makers have announced about DOOM Eternal yesterday. Bethesda said that it will be working on its Orion framework and it will reduce the latency per frame by a whopping 20%. This is a major achievement and once done, it can prove life-changing. The bandwidth strain will also be eased by up to 40%. So, you can expect it to be very easy on your ears.

However, this will also come with certain connection demands. Gamers will need a good connection speed to make good use of these services. If reports are to be believed, an approximate of 25-50 Mbps speed will be required. This can be a struggle for some people. Also, this can mean shifting to other connection plans that are costly, which some might not like.

DOOM Eternal

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What Will Happen?

With the amalgamation of Orion technologies in Bethesda games, you should expect a massive decrease in latency.

It will enhance the overall user experience. Game developers will also prefer the Bethesda engine to improve features in their games. This will be because of the amazing platform that it will provide.

Why To Be Excited DOOM Eternal?

This will be revolutionary for gamers. With this, they will head into a newer and finer gaming platform where their online software can act as a service.

However, major reactions will only be recorded after the beta version testing of the game. If you’re interested, you should sign up for it. It is free and gives you a chance to explore this mega technology before anyone else.

DOOM Eternal