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Doom Eternal: Though Compatible For 8k, Is It The Wise Choice?


David Mudd

Doom Eternal is constantly trying to bring in something new to please the gamers. It recently released its 8k version. The 8k resolution can be quite hefty on your pockets. So, some people might rethink getting it.

But, is the performance worth the money. This game has had an amazing following from its players. However, many might rethink the 8k resolved version of the game. So, the question remains the same.

Even if it is compatible with 8k, is it the right choice? Doom Eternal is the latest game released in this series. It is one of the best available shorter games.

Pros Of 8K Gaming

The performance is good. The game is working quite well for the 8k performance. For all the games available at 8k, Doom Eternal is performing well. The graphics will look very lively.

Doom Eternal

So, overall you can have fun playing the game. It runs well at 8k. However, the highest frame rate that you can get is about 40 frames per second and this causes a lot of problems.

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Cons Of 8K Doom Eternal

The FPS is very low for the other modern games. So, it can be very slow-paced. Especially keeping in mind the modern standards, the game will not please everyone.

Also, even that the resolution of the game is in 8k, this doesn’t mean good graphics every time. For your average screen, it can cause a lot of issues where you don’t get the best graphic performance.

Also, the game can be very far away from the usual average of 60 fps. This can be very disappointing for the users. Because most users are used to playing games at a higher frame rate. That ensures a lot of responses and an amazing atmosphere.

For the usual gameplay of the game, you’ll be at a loss at 8k. You’ll not be able to receive the same frantic, chaotic, and fast-paced game response.

Doom Eternal

The Verdict

Overall, 8k is a good place to be in. And having 40 fps at 8k is an achievement. But, it is better if you play the game at 4k and 60 fps. The performance will be way better and you’ll have a good time.

That being said, the 8k version is also very pricey. So, you’ll not rather spend your money on something that doesn’t give good returns.