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Doom Eternal : This Is How The Lost Classic Doom 64 Was Revived For Platforms


David Mudd

Doom has recently released two of its games. It is a delight for today’s atmosphere, where everyone is restrained to their homes. Doom has released Doom eternal and Doom 64. Doom 64 has been a classic game throughout and is revived for use now. This has risen a lot of curiosity and intrigue in the mind of players.

Everyone is interested to see how this game will turn out. Doom eternal on the other hand, is a flashy AAA sequel. It is a completely modern take on the Doom Eternal games and will feature amazing graphics, and unaltered magnificence. Both the games were much waited for and you shouldn’t miss any of them.

Doom Eternal

About Doom 64

Doom 64 is one of the most classic games that every veteran will know of. It was initially designed for Nintendo 64 and was developed by the Midway Games. Doom Eternal game was pretty great for its time, 1997 when it was released. For Nintendo, it strongly stood up as a real 3D title.

Doom Eternal game had its flaws but then the beauty of the game was unbeatable. With a polygon-based environment and filtered textures, this game was one of its kind. However, it sure was a bit archaic at that time. Also, you’re only allowed limited movement on a flat plane.

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What’s New Doom Eternal?

Now, the game will feature high-resolution textures and will alter its ratios to meet modern standards. The frame rate of the game has to be increased significantly. It was then programmed to run at a solid 30 Hz. So, the game logic now runs at 30 Hz while the rest of the things will be elevated for a smoother user experience with the game.

Doom Eternal

Villarreal, the lead engine developer, has worked hard for the project. But he has claimed this to be the easiest reconstruction for the developers to date. He learned a lot from his previous projects to give him insights about how he wanted this to turn out. So, the results feature  ‘a texture management system that would allow me to batch everything in a scene together and render that scene as a single draw call’.

More About It Doom Eternal

This version has got similar controls to other versions of the Doom games. It is supported on PS4 and Switch. However, you’re still just moving your character on a plane surface. Now, the game is supported in HD and has unbelievable graphics. The algorithm of the game is written with absolute precision.