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Doom Eternal: The Game Breaks Series Record For Weekend Sales

Doom Eternal seems to have been successful on all fronts. It has received widespread praise from both critics and fans all over the world. On Metacritic, the critic score for the PC version sits at 90, with a must-play seal. The audience score is a lower, but still respectable 7.6/10.

Breaking The Franchise Record

All-in-all, it has been a solid few days for the team at id Software. However, the sales figures that Doom Eternal has racked up should give another reason to smile. Publishers Bethesda announced that the game had broken the franchise record for the highest number of sales during its opening weekend.

Doom Eternal

They didn’t provide exact figures, but they did specify that it doubled the numbers of the franchise’s previous entry, which was 2016’s Doom. The concurrent player numbers on Steam also back up that claim.

It recorded more than 100,000 concurrent players at its peak. The number finally settled at 104,891 players enjoying the game at the same time. Comparatively, Doom 2016 only recorded 44,271 at its peak.

Significantly Better Than The Previous Entry

This trend bodes well for id Software and Bethesda. Doom 2016 came out in May and it managed to sell 2 million copies on PC by the time it got to July. If Doom Eternal follows a similar path, it could end up being a huge hit for everyone involved.

The game is a sequel to 2016’s Doom, which in turn was a reboot of the popular first-person shooter franchise for current-gen consoles.

Doom Eternal

Doom 2016 received plenty of praise for its fast-paced gameplay, gory violence and an incredible soundtrack. Mick Gordon, a composer for the Doom franchise in the past, returned for 2016 reboot and stuck around for Doom Eternal. However, that praise didn’t translate into sales in quite the same way as seems to be the case for Doom Eternal.

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Silver Linings

It’s quite likely that the COVID-19 pandemic had a hand in this boost, too. Lockdowns worldwide are keeping may people indoors. It’s quite understandable if all these people turned to video games like Doom Eternal to help kill the time. Whatever the reason may be, id Software and Bethesda are going to be celebrating this success.

Doom Eternal is now out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It is also coming to the Nintendo Switch, but we don’t have a release date for it yet.

Doom Eternal

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