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DOOM Eternal: Plenty Of Interesting Story Twists, Biggest Spoilers Revealed For Fans!


David Mudd

The well-known game series to continue its gory shooting and demonic story in Doom Eternal. The last reboot for Doom was in 2016. Once again, the players will get into the role of Doom Slayer. He is returning to put an end to the demon invasion. Beyond the connections with earlier DOOM from 2016. It will resonate with some interesting connections with the classic 90’s games too.

Surely, the players will find many exciting and surprising facts along within the game. A YouTube video was released with many of the footage. It showed off plenty of footages including the final battle. After all, the video got removed from YouTube.

Doom Eternal

More Details On Doom Eternal

The identity of the protagonist will be one of the main things to be noted. The theory od DOOM Eternal 2016 confirmed that the Doom Slayer is the actual Doomguy. At the end of the Doom 2016, he decides to stay in hell to stop the rise of demons. At some point, Someone known as Outsider dropped after opening a portal on Argent D’Nur. After Doomguy and others find ut that he is integrated with the society, He uses the divinity machine to change from Dooms Guy to Doom Slayer.

One of the interesting characters in Doom 2016 was Samuel Hayden. He had complex relations with players and steals Crucible sword from Slayer. Slayer finds the broken body of Hayden at some point in the story. He uploads his consciousness into the Fortress of Doom.

Doom Eternal

The ultimate gun in the game is BFG of course returns. But along with that, players can now use another powerful weapon called the Unmaykr. The ammo’s used in both guns will be the same. But the new one is capable to fire multiple lasers in a row.

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