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Doom 64: The Port For PlayStation 4 Will Have An Unprecedented Phase


David Mudd

For all the gamers out there, there is something good coming up. PlayStation 4 has announced the release of an unprecedented phase for Doom 64. This will hit the markets soon. Earlier, THE games were expected to reach the markets at this time. Now, it is found that along with THE games, you also get Doom 64.

Everyone is excited about this new phase and it has already built a hype with it. The senior developer James and his Wife have also expressed excitement regarding this update. So, everyone is eager to try it out for themselves.

What Else To Expect?

More than just the unprecedented phase, the new update will feature a lot of things. It will be very crucial in the development of the environment of Playstation and will keep the players hooked up. There will be improvements to improve your experience and to make it more enjoyable.

Now, players will be able to turn in a race to control the screen. They will also get to navigate through the map with the touchpad on and simultaneously change the brightness of the screen as well. Another interesting thing up the corner is that you can now use motion control to aim. This will surely bring up the immersion.

When To Get The Games?

These games will hit the stores in a while. They are expected to hit the shelves in March this year. You can expect to get them very soon now. THE Eternal will release along with Doom 64. The authorities have reported the release to be on the 20th of March so mark your calendars.

The New Stage

In this new stage, you’ll be able to get another scene after the completion of the main storyline. The storyline is built with great precision to ensure that it is equally interesting and intriguing. The demon mother now has a younger sister. Since you’ve been annoying to her, she will try to kill you.

So, if you’re not able to make your way back home, and to get suitable revenge on the same, you’ll get a bit more of a story than usual. You will surely enjoy it and stay hooked at the gameplay. The story has more than just the classic storyline and this is why everyone is so excited to try it.