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Doom 64: The Classic 1997 Game Remastered For Modern Platforms


David Mudd

Good news for all the Classic Doom 64 game lovers as Night Div Studios remasters the game for modern platforms. Read ahead to know more about the game.

Doom 64 (The Original Game) 

Doom 64 is a first-person shooter video game. NightDive Studios and Midway Games are the developers of the game. Furthermore, the game released in 1997. Also, it was the sequel to DOOM 2 game which released in 1994.

You have to advance through 32 levels in the game. Furthermore, you have to defeat and kill monsters and deadly demons across all levels. Also, players need to collect weapons and keys needed to reach the level’s exit.

Doom 64

However, you will be ambushed and attacked by monsters and demons during the process. Also, the game was considered one of the best combat and action game in 1997. It got worldwide fame and fans.

Also, the game used to top in world game charts frequently giving tough competition to companies like Ubisoft, Nintendo Studios and so on.

NightDive Remasters Doom 64

The original game developers, NightDive Studios decided the remaster Doom 64 on modern gaming platforms. Moreover, the company has remastered System Shock and Turok to improve game performance. As a result, it will run on modern gaming consoles.

The remastered game will use a maze-like design. As a result, players will not get lost in the map. More puzzles and levels have been added to the new version. However, the theme and core of the game remain the same.

At times, players might get bored as they mat encounter the same gameplay of the previous game, but with modern graphics and performance tools. Furthermore, the rest remains the same. You have to find keys and weapons to move to the next level.

Doom 64

Moreover, we might see new creatures and demons being added to the new game. Also, the demons from previous addition will exist in the newly remastered edition.

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Release Date

The remastered edition of Doom 64 was to be released on 20th March 2020. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the release date has been postponed. Furthermore, the new date will be announced soon by NightDive Studios.