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Doof Warrior Was Almost Cut From Mad Max: Fury Road

The tidbits keep rolling in! As Mad Max: Fury Road celebrates its fifth anniversary, George Miller and the crew are revealing what went into making the film. It’s no secret that Fury Road was an infamously difficult production. From cast members being unsure of what Miller’s vision truly was to on-set tensions and studio interference, the film saw it all. But whatever those issues were, the film ended up being a wild masterpiece.

We’ve previously covered how Warner Bros. dictated that the movie be rated PG-13 and under 100-minutes. The film experienced a constant tug of war between the creatives and studio execs. So much so that initial principal photography ended without any of the Citadel scenes in the film.

Turns out there was tension regarding some characters as well! While a lot of the stories shared about the film were anecdotes that the cast and crew shared during their interview with the New York Times, Kyle Buchanan took to Twitter to reveal more tidbits; Warner Bros. wanted Doof Warrior cut from the film.

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Junkie XL’s Score Saved Doof Warrior

Yes, you heard that right! The infamous flamethrowing guitar-riffing Doof Warrior was almost cut from the film.

As it turned out, Doof Warrior tested really badly at first. Junkie XL’s score for the film wasn’t quite finished yet and they were using temp music for the test-screening. The guitar’s riff was deemed “annoying” by the studio execs who wanted the character cut from the film. But Miller disagreed, saying that it was too early for them to even think about it, given that the score wasn’t finished yet.

And boy, was Miller right! Hugh Keays-Byrne’s Doof Warrior is by and far one of the coolest things about the film. Honestly, it’s difficult to imagine Mad Max: Fury Road without the character in the film at all. But this wouldn’t have been the first time Warner Bros. made a stupid decision.

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