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Donald Glover: The Grammy Winner Surprises Fans By Releasing New Music


David Mudd

The pandemic coronavirus is spreading all over now. The Grammy award winner Donald Glover surprised fans in the early morning with a new album. Album contains 12 songs in it.

It has no title yet. Beyond, it is titled with “Donald Glover Presents” writing in it. The new album features Ariana Grande, 21 Savage, and SZA in it. Streaming of the album has not happened on any other social media platform other than a dedicated website.

Any information about the album of Donald Glover was not ready to avail. The four-panel illustration of the album characterizes a group of people in a riot and one who is excited and panicked by that.

Donald Glover

This scene recalls his challenging song “This Is America” which won the Grammy award in 2018. There has a blank text submission field too included in it. Donald Glover has a footwear brand in partnership with Adidas. Its name is also “Donald Glover Presents”.

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More About Donald Glover New Album

Glover’s public statements are ambiguous. He said for years that his new would be the “final” tour and album. But the tour got cancel because of an injury that happen to him.

After all, reports said the injury was a broken leg. Then the album never appeared. There is a small chance for the new album to be that one.

Donald Glover management not give back any comments on questions about the album and it got taken down from the website now without any explanations.

Besides, many YouTube channels who post the song also got copyright strikes by SME. “Awaken, My Love” was Glover’s last full-length LP release in 2016.

The surprise album is also with his alter ego “Childish Gambino“. The Grammy-winning “This Is America” was also combined with Childish Gambino. Collaboration with Beyonce and Jay-Z, “Mood 4 Eva” for The Lion King: The Gift companion album was Childish Gambino’s most recent release.