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Dolly Parton’s Partnership During Distress


David Mudd

The Pretext

So, Country music legend Dolly Parton thanked Gov. Jared Polis last night.

This was for helping bring a program to Colorado.

The Imagination Library Program was signed into law on Friday.

She said that she wants to thank personally Gov. Polis and Sen. Bridges for leading the way to bring the Imagination Library into their state of Colorado.

She added that they’ve still got some work to do, but are going to get there, but let’s put some wings on that Imagination Library.

“Let’s get some books in the hands of more children,” Parton said in a video.

The program was created 25 years ago, apparently to help foster the love of reading in children who might not have access to books.

The Situation

Senators Bridges and Jack Tate introduced a bill that says if a local community raises half the cost, the state will pay the other half.

That in itself is a huge and appreciative move on their behalf.

Under the program, a child will be mailed one book every month from the time they are born until they’re 5 for $30 per kid per year.

Bridges estimate that it would cost the state about $5 million a year if every child in Colorado signed up.

The End

And if you thought it was it, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The legendary country singer has partnered with American Greetings’ “SmashUps” to allow fans to send a birthday e-card set to the tune of Dolly’s iconic hit 9 to 5″.

You can personalize the birthday greeting with 1,200 different names, you know?

Or better, even choose from terms of endearment like “honey” and “darlin'”, or titles like “daughter” and “brother.”

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