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Dolly Parton’s Collab Is A Banger

The Pretext

I'm sure every goddamn one of you knows who Dolly Parton is.

A country icon, she is behind the insane hit ‘Jolene' which has been sung and made even more famous by Miley Cyrus's collab with her.

Now this Country icon Dolly Parton earned her first top 10!

Imagine! And not just in the Hot Christian Songs, but also in the Christian Airplay charts.

This was during her duet with Zach Williams, “There Was Jesus,” enters the upper tier on both of Billboard's faith-based surveys.

It was the November of 2019 when the beautiful duet from Williams and Parton was shared live with the world,

This was when they performed “There Was Jesus” at the 53rd Annual CMA Awards.

Since their GRAND performance, the song has gained extraordinary momentum!

Not only this, but it has also become Williams' most consumed song to date along with the title track from his 2019 album, Rescue Story.

The Situation

“When I first heard ‘There Was Jesus,' it was one of the best songs I'd ever heard,” Parton shares about being featured on the song.

She continues saying, “I loved Zach's voice, and at that time I wanted to do something more uplifting.”

She said she felt like it was a Godsend, and that this was her record so she's going to sing with him on it!

Parton ended her statement saying how proud she is because of how the song turned out.

“I think people are going to get a blessing out of it. I know I have,” she added.

The End

Regarding Williams' experience working with Dolly Parton, from recording the song to performing it live on the CMA Awards to ultimately filming the music video, he says, “Dolly has been a champion since day one of this song.”

He added how he never thought in a million years this would happen.

Also that the entire experience working with her was truly an honour and a privilege.

He said he just can't wait to share the song and video with all of us!

Neither can we, William!


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