Dollface Season 2 : It’s Time to Find Out What You Need to Know Now!


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Dollface, a Hulu original series, premiered its debut season in November of this year. It stars Kat Dennings — who, of course, most recently appeared in WandaVision — as Jules Wiley, a woman who has recently been dumped by her long-term boyfriend, Jeremy, in a tense and tense situation (Connor Hines). In the aftermath of her split, Jules must re-enter the world of women — specifically, the circle of female friends she had previously ignored in favor of concentrating on her romance. Shay Mitchell, Brenda Song, and Esther Povitsky are among the cast members who make up Jules’s circle of friends.

Dollface Season 2

The show has garnered a mixed to favorable reception, with the majority of the positive feedback being directed at the cast. “Dollface shows us yet again why Dennings’ droll comedic demeanor serves as the stable foundation of a film like this,” noted Salon, while the New York Times called Mitchell’s performance “a delight and a half.” “Dollface” is currently in theatres.

Dollface was officially renewed for a second season by the network early last year, much to the pleasure of fans (via TV Line). Here’s what we know so far about the forthcoming season after the current one.

When Will the Second Season of Dollface Be Released?

There is currently no set release date for the second season of Dollface, which is currently unknown. The second season of The Walking Dead was originally scheduled to premiere in November 2020, which would have been around a year after the first season was made available on the streaming site Netflix. Dollface, like many other performances, was hampered by COVID-19, which forced the show’s production to be postponed until later in the year.

Furthermore, there does not appear to be any new information on whether or not the show has been able to resume production, indicating that it is still most likely on hold. When Express published a story on the subject back in June 2020, they predicted that the second season would be launched sometime in early 2021. However, we are now three months into the year 2021 and, unfortunately, there have been no more announcements on when manufacturing will resume. This means that fans may have a long wait ahead of them before we get to see what happens next in Jules’s storyline.

Dollface Season 2

It will be reassuring to know that Craig Erwich, President of ABC Entertainment and Hulu Originals, recently stated in a Deadline interview that “we have a strategy to bring it back.” Hopefully, more information about this idea will become available.

Who Will Appear in the Second Season of Dollface?

In terms of noteworthy cast changes, there have been no formal announcements regarding departures or additions to the show’s ensemble. It is almost certain that Kat Dennings will reprise her role as the show’s star, as the show would be unable to function without her presence. In addition, the other members of the main cast are very likely to return as well.

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Brenda Song portrays Madison, Jules’ best friend from college, with whom she rekindles her friendship following her breakup with her boyfriend. In the film, Shay Mitchell portrays Stella, another close friend from the college of Jules’s and Madison’s who also finds herself reconnected with Jules after a period of separation. Esther Povitsky plays Izzy, a newer friend of Jules’s who she met at work, and she completes the main cast as the final member.

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Other significant recurrent cast members who are very certain to appear to include Malin Akerman, who plays the CEO of the company Jules works for, and Brianne Howey and Vella Lovell, who play two of Jules’ regular employees. It’s also probable that Connor Hines, who portrays Jules’s ex-boyfriend, will make an appearance in the second season, given how important his role was to the plot of the first season.

What Will the Plot of Dollface Season 2 Be?

No narrative specifics have been disclosed for season 2 as of yet, though we should be able to anticipate receiving some of those details once a premiere date has been established and publicized. First and foremost, the first season showed Jules’s struggle to establish a full and lasting relationship with her friends, whom she had ignored during her time with Jeremy and who was bitter about her neglect.

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Upon reconnection, we witness the friends supporting one another through their various personal struggles, including one storyline in which Jules’s friends encourage her to move on from Jeremy by having a casual relationship with someone else, which she does, with a man named Ryan (Derek Theler), which results in an on-and-off relationship between the two. Her pals also have their own love-centered tales, such as Madison’s connection with an older doctor, Colin (Goran Visnjic), who turns out to be the husband of Jules’s boss.

In the last episode, Jeremy approaches Jules and asks her to be back together with him, which she declines, and Jules informs the entire wedding audience that Colin is cheating on her with another woman. Stella also announces that she has been accepted into a business school in Philadelphia. At the conclusion of the episode, Jules and her three pals take Ramona’s wedding car and travel back to California with it.

Dollface Season 2

While several storylines were definitively concluded with this season’s finale, there is still a lot of ground to cover in a second season if the show gets renewed. Was it really over with Jeremy, or was it just a misunderstanding? Is Stella truly planning to relocate to Philadelphia? Is Madison’s relationship with Colin officially over? Furthermore, the examination of these restored friendships has a lot of room to develop and flourish in the future. We’ll just have to wait until we have more information regarding season 2 before we can make a more informed decision.


After the bar opens, Jules arranges a birthday surprise for Madison as a way to bring the season to a close. She takes her into her garage and shows her the images she created for Greece. Season 2 comes to a close with the women dancing it out in the garage together.