Does Yellowstone Actress Kelly Reilly Smoke? Check the Truth Behind the Curtains!!



Kelly Reilly’s not just a celebrity, but also a cutthroat businesswoman. Balancing fame and entrepreneurship, she has built an empire that knows no bounds. She is a multi-faceted star. She portrays the role of Beth Dutton in Yellowstone.

Beth Dutton is habitual of smoking as well as cigarettes.  It is common to see her smoking cigarettes as well as pouring herself a drink. She does not care where she is, she just has to smoke cigarettes every day. It is like her daily essentials or kind of water to her.

But, Fans are curious about Kelly Reilly. They want to know that She actually smokes or not. But, actress Kelly Reilly has her own opinions about smoking as well as drinking whiskey. Through this post, I have covered all the facts and figures regarding Kelly Reilly’s drinking habits. Let’s dive into it.

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Who is Kelly Reilly?

Kelly Reilly, the English actress born in London on July 18, 1977, gained fame for her portrayal of the American rancher Beth Dutton in the television series Yellowstone. Her acting journey began on television in 1995 and later expanded to prominent roles in films like Pride & Prejudice (2005), Mrs. Henderson Presents (2005), Sherlock Holmes (2009), and True Detective (2015).

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Apart from her successful acting career, Reilly is married to Kyle Baugher, a banker, and the couple resides in New York City. She is known for her versatility as an actress, receiving numerous awards and accolades for her exceptional performances, notably in Mrs. Henderson Presents. Reilly’s talent extends to the stage in London, where she continues to showcase her acting prowess alongside her work in movies and television.

Does Kelly Reilly Actually Smoke?

While it’s natural for fans to be curious about their favorite celebrities, it’s important to remember that discussing private and potentially harmful habits, like smoking, should be approached with respect and sensitivity. The actress Kelly Reilly takes a firm stance on not smoking during her scenes.

Moreover, she is not habitual of smoking as well as drinking but in her scene, she has to smoke as well as drink in the view of the fact that she was playing the character of Beth Dutton who is a very ruthless girl in the scenarios of the series. She is prioritizing her health and well-being.

Despite industry norms, she remains resolute in her decision to avoid smoking for the sake of authenticity. She also wanted that her ruthless character which is Beth Duttin would not involve smoking in scenarios. She was not drinking it in scenes of the series in fact she choose herbal cigarettes. If everything was on her then, She would have Beth Dutton in cigarettes for Nicorette Gum.

Kelly Reilly explains that she hates cigarettes. In view of this fact, it is widely recommended by health experts, medical professionals, and public health organizations worldwide that people should not smoke or consume cigarettes. Instead, they advocate for quitting smoking or never starting in the first place to maintain better overall health and reduce the risk of associated diseases.

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Taylor Sheridan has it in the script that When she was trying to smoke cigarettes as well as taking drugs as it’s all written. He was trying to give Kelly Reilly an idea in which she was recommended to get addicted to Nicotine Gum. So, they can see the coming year that she would pass in quitting cigarettes or not. They are an over-the-counter product that contains nicotine but no tobacco.

Kelly Reilly

When people chew nicotine gum, the nicotine is absorbed through the lining of the mouth, providing relief from withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking cessation. The idea behind using nicotine gums is to gradually reduce the dependence on nicotine while breaking the habit of smoking.

Through the information provided by the sources, the cigarettes used by actors in the TV show were not harmful. It means it does not contain tobacco or nicotine in view of the fact that they are not addictive. However, those cigarettes contain herbs, rose petals, cloves as well as tea leaves. They seem to like smoking cigarettes but actually, they are not as if they burn they do not do that much harm that actually cigarettes do.

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Kelly Reilly Wants Beth to Switch Cigarettes With Her

Kelly Reilly is far from the first celebrity who hates cigarettes. She explains that the fake cigarettes were used for filming all the scenarios related to smoking Beth Dutton in the interview which was conducted by ET. Christina Ricci was drinking cigarettes during the shoot of “Z: The Beginning of Everything,”. She explains that all the cigarettes were herbal which give her the worst headache she ever had before in the view of fact that the smoke always gets in her eyes and gives her burning sensations in her eyes.

In the upcoming season of Yellowstone, fans will have the opportunity to discover if Beth’s character is still true to her hard-drinking, chain-smoking, and foul-mouthed persona. On the other hand, Kelly Reily talks to the lead director to change the scenes and ruthless smoking habits of the character Beth Dutton. 

Viewers are eager to witness how the character’s portrayal unfolds and how Reilly’s acting prowess adds depth and authenticity to Beth’s journey in the series.


Instead of choosing to smoke or consume cigarettes, it is crucial to prioritize our health by adopting healthier lifestyle choices. For those struggling with smoking, seeking support from healthcare professionals and smoking cessation programs can be instrumental in successfully quitting this detrimental habit. If we go through the habits of Kelly Reilly then, it is literally a good thing that she did not drink whiskey or cigarettes. She prioritizes her health first before anything else.

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