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Since Stranger Things was first introduced to fans in 2016, a lot has changed.

Many beloved characters were introduced in season 1, but they all shared a common trait: they all detested Steve.

As Nancy’s lover and Jonathan’s main foe, Joe Keery‘s well-liked bully is introduced into the mix. He has, however, possibly had the most unexpected story arc of the entire series.

He emerged in Season 2 as one of the most endearing and nuanced characters on the entire program, and the actor has only continued to rise to the occasion in succeeding seasons.

Fans can’t help but wonder if Steve dies in Stranger Things season 4 because he’s currently one of the most adored characters.

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does steve die in stranger things

Does Steve Die In Stranger Things?

Steve Harrington does not die during the events of Season 4 of Stranger Things. However, it should be noted that Part 1’s final moments heavily hinted at his impending demise.

If we dive into spoilers, we learn that Steve is entrusted with entering the Upside Down to find Vecna, who is at the Upside Down version of Victor Creel’s mansion, in season 4 chapter six, titled The Dive.

Steve must use his swimming prowess to descend to the lake’s bottom, where he discovers the entrance to Vecna’s realm. Sadly, he gets dragged by the portal and brutally mauled by creatures from the Upside Down when he exits on the other side.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, leaving the audience to watch as Steve is attacked by enemies that resemble bats.

Although Steve Harrington, a beloved supporting actor on Stranger Things, appears destined to die in season 5, there is reason to think that season 4 already established his viability. Eddie Munson, the much-loved season 4 newcomer played by Joseph Quinn, may have broken many hearts, but the Netflix sensation is slow to take off characters who have established themselves as fan favourites. Few of the original stars of Stranger Things have perished, and those that have all been clear-cut bad guys like Dr. Brenner.

Fans are worried, meanwhile, that their favourite comic relief characters will die in the final season. As the series seeks to build life-or-death stakes while also whittling down its enormous cast of characters, supporting actors like Argyle on Stranger Things are probably going to be dead meat in the final season. Fans of Stranger Things are most concerned about Joe Keery’s former jock Steve Harrington, though, as the show’s creators have constantly intimated that he is doomed. This, however, does not take into consideration the fact that prior seasons of Stranger Things already demonstrated Steve’s ability to survive by showing the character recovering from vicious beatings from both humans and the residents of the Upside-Down.

does steve die in stranger things

An Explanation for Steve’s Persistent Beatings in “Stranger Things”

Stranger Things has never had a season without Steve receiving physical abuse. When Eddie first confronted Vecna’s troops in Stranger Things season 4, he valiantly perished, although Steve survived an attack by a group of Demo-bats only a few episodes previously. In addition, a squad of Russian soldiers beat him senseless in Stranger Things season 3. Prior to that, Steve was knocked out during an altercation with Jonathan Byers in Stranger Things season 1, and he passed out after the deranged bully Billy dealt him the most gruesome beating ever shown in the series in season 2.

Steve Outperforms People When It Comes to Demogorgons

In every season of Stranger Things, Steve has managed to stave off attacks from both supernatural and human adversaries, and he always appears to have fully recovered. That, however, is not what makes his hot run stand out the most. Steve is presently the character that has survived the most run-ins with the inhabitants of the Upside-Down after Eleven, even though Stranger Things villain Dr. Brenner, who founded Hawkins Lab, did manage to survive one Demogorgon attack with only an ugly scar to show for it. In Season 1, Steve defeated a Demogorgon with a baseball bat, faced numerous Demo-dogs in Season 2, and endured the killer bats in Season 4 of Stranger Things.

does steve die in stranger things

Steve did put his life in danger in each situation, yet he still suffered less damage from these monsters than he did from conflicts with other people. The good news for Stranger Things season 5 is that viewers may reasonably deduce that Steve just has a talent for combating Vecna’s creations. The main nemesis in the last season is the horror movie-inspired evil Vecna, not a human adversary, therefore Steve ought to be able to face the Upside-Down once more and prevail. Steve has consistently defied the odds each time, making his survival shockingly likely. Dr. Brenner, on the other hand, has only managed to survive one Demogorgon attack (and suffered a severe injury in the process).

Steve Has Conquered The Upside-Down

The goal of Steve’s many beatings in the early seasons of Stranger Things seems to be an effort to make him more likeable. He was an unlikable bully in Stranger Things season 1 who was made into a decent person after being brutally beaten by Jonathan in a fight that Steve began, but by season 2 he had become a sweeter, semi-redeemed hero who had been beaten up for no reason other than trying to help some kids. Season 3 of Stranger Things saw the continuation of Steve’s redemption story, and by the time the Soviet scientists were beating him up, he had completely transformed into a hero.

Therefore, Steve’s more recent beatings might not constitute an effort to humanize him any more, as that goal has already been attained. Instead, these overtly violent and repetitious scenes could be setting up Stranger Things season 5 in advance. Similar to how Eddie’s terrible demise was inescapable due to his complete ignorance about Demogorgons, Vecna, and the dark secret history of Hawkins, Steve’s capacity to survive the Upside-Down in season 5 would be rendered much more plausible by the regular asskickings he receives. Even though Steve might not survive the final season of Stranger Things, his chances are increased by taking a look back at previous seasons.

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