Does Jalen Hurts Have a Girlfriend? Everything About His Girlfriend



Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, has finally revealed his relationship to his fans. The famous player is dating Bryonna “Bry” Rivera Burrows. The couple has not revealed their relationship to the public for a long time but now, they finally revealed it. The Fans of the footballer star are happy for him and waiting to hear more about them,  

On Jan 29, 2023, the football star was joined by Burrows on the field to celebrate his team’s NFC Championship win against the San Francisco 49ers. The sight shocked the fans who were present there to celebrate the win of their favorite player, with this, everyone earned about their relationship/

Earlier, there were rumors about these two hanging in together, many media outlets revealed their relationship but it wasn’t officially confirmed by the player. But the incident of  Jan. 29, shocked the fans. 

Hurt has never related to his relationship. His Instagram is mainly filled with snaps that are related to his sport. The snaps are majorly focused on his games and career. He has never commented or posted anything regarding his personal and romantic life on social media. People admired the young player who is oriented toward charity and focused on building his career. 

However, after the reveal of his girlfriend and going public with his relationship, is there any chance for him to post anything? Well, we’ll learn about this shortly. 

In this article, we’ll be going to reveal everything about her girlfriend. After the reveal of his partner, people are wondering about Jalen’s hurt partner. Want to know? Continue reading the article. 

Burrows and Hurts Met at the University of Alabama  

The new couple in town met each other during their University time. According to a report, the couple met at the University of Alabama for the very first time. During that time, both were pursuing their education and working on their future.

 Hearts fans already know he was addicted to his game since he was a kid. He was already on the School Football team and continued playing the game when he was old. When he was at University, he joined a sports club and started to work there.

He was on the school team for three years, starting from 2016 to 2018. During his senior year, he transferred to the University of Oklahoma for his senior year. 

On The other hand, Burrows graduated in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and political science. She then pursued her MBA course at Alabama’s Manderson School of Business.

According to her LinkedIn account, she started working right after her MBA degree.  There are no exact details regarding their relationship and when it started, but many people have wondered how they might interact during th3 time. 

Burrows lives in Texas

There is no official mention of Burrow’s hometown. She currently lives in Texas and works there. Hurst, who lives with his parents, also lives in Texas and they are only 240 miles apart from each other.

Burrows works in the tech industry

After being graduating and pursuing her MBA, Burrows started working with different firms. According to her LinkedIn, she was hired by IBM and worked as a  senior client experience consultant in Dallas

She gradually worked hard and was able to achieve a greater position. Initially, she started working as a sales executive and software financing leader before taking up her current post as an artificial intelligence partner.

Burrows is something to look for, Her achievements in academics are worth checking for. Hurts Girlfriend has got some serious achievements through hard work and people can always look up to her, 

Just like how people look for Hours’ achievement and admire his hard work, her girlfriend is no less than her.  According to her profile, she was vice president of her school’s MBA Association in 2018 and served as captain of the MBA Case Team. writing about this, she said, “one of my most memorable moments of grad school.”

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Not only this but she has also led the team to victory in 2019, winning the national SEC Championship.

As an Undergrad, she was also a part of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and graduated with honors. “No words to describe the humble reminder of Honors Day at #UA. “Knowing I have been recognized is priceless.”

She attended the NFC Championship

When it comes to the relationship, hits majorly kept things private, the fans have never learned about his girlfriend but after the recent game, his relationship is all over the news. After the player revealed his partner, fans were shocked. 

A video captured by FOX shows that she joined his family and friends after he won the game. “Jalen Hurts has a girlfriend 😩why not me Lord,” wrote one surprised fan on Twitter, while another added, “Just found out Jalen Hurts has a girlfriend. Someone stop the Earth, I’m ready to get off.”

People were shocked to find out about these two. One person wrote, “Not into sports like I once was 12 years ago and I’m very glad I’m not a sports fanatic anymore but I hope our brother jalen hurts wins the super with his lovely black girlfriend. STRAIGHT BLACK LOVE

People are tweeting about their relationship. One person wrote, “Jalen Hurts and his girlfriend Bry Burrows after the NFC Championship. They originally met at Alabama where Jalen attended and played. She was one of the top students in her class.”

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After the couple’s photo got viral, people started to find out more about his girlfriend. After fans learned that she is successful, they tweeted about it. One says, “the Jalen Hurts girlfriend makes about $6-10 million.. black .. educated .. was top of her class .. she is an AKA .. @JalenHurts  married her. I just did my research. I love this for you.”

Another person wrote, “jalen hurts a que w/ a black girlfriend and a black woman whose a delta as his agent? wishing him and the women around him nothing but prosperity for surrounding himself with royalty!”

The Couple share a passion for philanthropy

Both Hurts and her girlfriend love helping young people. Just like Hurts, who remarkably inspire young pliers to play and help them to learn more about the game, Burrows also inspire young people to follow their dream and make them learn about the career paths available after purring a certain 

Burrows said, “It was the best time speaking and coaching breakout sessions for a few weeks,” she posted following the summit. “I can assure you with these students, the future is in good hands! #BigBlue”

She also took part in Manderson Women in Business talk and a Diversity & Inclusion panel in 2021. During the events, she said, “I’m fortunate my company allows us the space to converse, listen, and learn from one another. D & I are deeper than gender, skin color, or nationality. It’s about lived experiences that define who we are and better our community and workplace.”

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Not only this, but Hurts is also seeing such things he has attended a lot of sports colleges in the park and inspires young people. also posted a picture of him giving the speech to the people which was captioned “Day of Care ” during his tour in Philadelphia.

People who attended the event commented on his Instagram and said, “We love you Jalen! ❤️ You are a true inspiration and example of what it looks like to believe in oneself and overcome adversity! 💚🦅”

While another says, “Can’t express what it meant for you to come to see those children when our city is crying out for help. Thank you and I’m sure you’ll hear that’s a lot. 💯💯💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️❤️ J Hurts #1

In 2021, one video of Hurts got viral when she attended 7-year-old cancer patients. He gifted the mother $30,000 to help get them into a better home. “A moment like that for me, just going in there and meeting everybody, it was fun,” he said. “I think what amazes me is how the kids don’t even realize what they’re dealing with, the circumstances they’re in, but they’re just happy to be living.”

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