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Does Hopper Die In Stranger Things? What We Know Is This!

This article will discuss topics like “Does Hopper Die In Stranger Things?” and Everything you need to know about this. Therefore, if this is something that piques your curiosity, stick with us.

Netflix is currently offering Stranger Things season 4 in its entirety for streaming, giving viewers the chance to experience the entire season for the first time.

There were many unanswered questions going into the season’s final episodes, but everyone’s concentration was focused on who would survive and who might perish in those episodes. After all, the only fatalities preceding the two episodes involved brand-new characters that had only recently been introduced this season and who the audience had little opportunity to get to know before their terrible demise.

Fans were particularly concerned about Hopper, who we initially believed to have perished in season 3’s lab explosion until learning he had survived. He certainly avoided death in season 3, but as the fourth season came to a close, there was growing anxiety that his good fortune could eventually run out.

So, did Hopper say his last goodbyes in the season’s climactic episodes?

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Does Hopper Die In Stranger Things?

Despite being put in a number of risky situations once more this season, Hopper does not pass away in Stranger Things 4. Nevertheless, he has had a few near misses.

We find Hopper in Russia at the start of the season and learn that he was taken prisoner by the Russians after the lab explosion in the season 3 finale. Hopper had been preparing an escape strategy ever since he was taken prisoner, hoping to return to people he left behind.

Hopper was able to convey a note to Joyce about collecting money from an account he had set up for Eleven and meeting a contact in Alaska with the assistance of one of the prison guards. Even though he was able to deliver the letter to Joyce and start the plan, that was only one aspect of it. He first needed to escape the prison, which required a complex and perilous scheme in order for him to get to Joyce.

does hopper die in stranger things

How Does Hopper Get Out Of The Jail In Russia?

Hopper’s effort to flee the prison was his first run-in with peril. Hopper had to wait for the ideal time to execute his plan after paying another prisoner to break his ankle so he could escape his chains.

When building railroad rails one day, Hopper makes the decision to take a gamble and flee. He is sent to a shed with a guard to get a replacement after shattering his work hammer. At this point, Hopper kills the guard by attacking him.

Sadly, a second guard appears, and a battle starts. Hopper is able to utilize his shackles to his advantage, but the guard manages to shoot while fending Hopper off, drawing the attention of the other guards. Numerous additional guards move in on Hopper as he rapidly kills the guard by leaping over the table and appearing to snap his neck with the aid of the chains.

When Hopper appears to be finished, he escapes via the roof and detonates dynamite, which results in an explosion that kills several of the oncoming guards. He was able to use a neighboring snowmobile to flee as a result of being able to make a quick getaway.

does hopper die in stranger things

Does Season 4 See Hopper Vanquish The Demogorgon?

Due to his contact on the outside betraying him, Hopper is recaptured after breaking out of the Russian prison. He gets put back into a cell after being apprehended, this time with the guard that assisted in his escape the previous time. Things continue to get worse for Hopper once he gets back to the Russian jail.

In essence, a Demogorgon was acquired by the Russians, and Hopper is set to join the most recent batch of convicts who will be thrown into a walled area to fight the beast. Fortunately, Hopper has encountered Demogorgons before.

He uses quick thinking to grab a bottle of booze from their last dinner feast and then steals a lighter during a struggle with a security guard. The idea? Knowing that the monsters do not like fire, to utilize the two materials to create a fire-based weapon.

When the fight begins, it appears that Hopper’s luck is out when the lighter he stole fails to ignite the flame required to set his alcohol-soaked spear on fire. When all hope seems lost, the lighter miraculously ignites a flame that Hopper may use to create a flaming spear.

All of the other guards around him are immediately killed by the Demogorgon after he successfully uses the flame to ward it off, with the exception of Dmitri, the man who assisted Hopper in escaping earlier. The Demogorgon turns its complete focus to Hopper and Dmitri after killing the other prisoners.

Joyce was able to unlock the gate just in time for Hopper and Dmitri to escape the Demogorgon just as it appeared they would be slain by it.

does hopper die in stranger things

Does Hopper Manage To Escape Russia?

In the last moments of the season, when Joyce protects him from the Demogorgon attack, Hopper experiences his final near-death experience.

After surviving the struggle, Hopper and his companions leave the jail and start looking for a route back home. With the knowledge that the Upside Down creatures are all connected via their hive mind, they quickly learn about the events taking place back in the United States and decide to break back into the prison in order to eliminate the Upside Down particles there in the hopes of aiding El and the gang back home in their struggle.

Things are not looking good when they get back to the prison, and Hopper has to fight the Demogorgon and demodogs once more. It appears Hopper would ultimately lose the battle while attempting to repel one demodog, but Joyce intervenes to save the day once more just in time.

The creatures from the Upside Down are vanquished in a climactic struggle with the Demogorgon and with help from Murray and his flamethrower. We fast-forward a few days after the Vecna conflict to show Hopper and Joyce returning to the US for their eagerly anticipated reunions with Eleven, Will, and the rest of the crew.

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