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We met the iconic Dutton family when Taylor Sheridan first led us to Yellowstone, and we discovered that patriarch John Dutton’s attachment to his farm went far beyond the typical ranch owner. There is much more to the narrative than just the fact that he wanted to retain the land in his family and ensure their prosperity and financial security. The story starts with the Dutton family in 1883.

James and Margaret Dutton, together with their offspring Elsa, John I, and Spencer Dutton, were first presented to us in the Yellowstone prologue. We followed the family on an agonizing journey in search of greener pastures as they encountered unfamiliar foes, new allies, and a kind of death they had never seen before. It was a passage through elements so harsh that surviving the voyage appeared impossible. It was also beautiful and hypnotic. Additionally, it was their only opportunity. Everyone had experienced loss by the time it was over, especially Margaret and James, even though they knew they may lose it all in the beginning.

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Not only was Elsa the couple’s adored daughter, but she also served as the series’ narrator. The young woman herself narrated each occurrence in an almost journal-like manner, conveying a tale of love and hope. Fans fell in love with Elsa very immediately because of the lyrical language and the vulnerable truth she used. She represented the sun rising after a long, dark night and the breeze cooling down after a hot afternoon. Fans expected her to live happily ever after when the journey was over, but was that Taylor Sheridan‘s intention? We were taken on an emotional journey by the showrunner; as we’ve already mentioned, not everyone made it.

So what happened to Elsa Dutton? Did she make it through the trek to the west, and what did she learn about herself in the process? Let’s look at it.

does elsa die in 1883

Who Exactly Is Elsa Dutton?

Elsa Dutton, a feisty and smart young woman who saw everything life had to offer and pursued it with zeal, is the daughter of James and Margaret Dutton. Elsa concentrated on what was going on around them every day as her family moved west in search of the huge land expanses, fresh chances, and a better life. She more easily comprehended the travel than everyone else since she saw the minutes instead of the hours.

Along with her family, she travelled further west than anyone else. She embraced life with enthusiasm, living each day with the awareness that time is precious and that tomorrow is not certain. They loved her with every fibre of their being, even though sometimes that meant going against her mother’s wishes or hastily turning her father’s hair grey.

During the most formative years of her life, Elsa and her family travelled to the west, where she discovered love and excitement. First, there was Ennis, the passionate and joyous man who met her where she was and delighted in being with her. She loved Ennis with all the beauty that a first romance provides, and she felt all the sadness when he suffered an untimely end. Despite their little time together, their emotions were tremendous.

Yes, Ennis passed away much sooner than any of us had anticipated, and Elsa felt a great loss as a result.

On her voyage west, Elsa fell in love a second time, this time with a man named Sam. Sam and Elsa inspired one another to live courageously and authentically by embracing what it meant to be alive. Elsa demonstrated to Sam a different way to live and appreciate the universe, while she demonstrated to him a way to delight in life and relationships that appear to be predestined. For Elsa, their trip together was the most transformational and heartbreaking part of the experience.

We observed various stages of discovery through the eyes of each character throughout the series, but we discovered that Elsa’s journey contained the show’s heart.

does elsa die in 1883

Does Elsa Die In 1883?

We witnessed Elsa take her last breath in her father’s embrace in the tragic 1883 climax. Elsa lost her life early after an arrow through her liver caused an infection, leaving the audience inconsolable.

After learning that the residents of the village they had stopped at to seek assistance for Elsa were among the same men they had seen dead the day before, Elsa’s family made the decision to travel to Montana rather than Oregon. They realized they had to take a different path because they would undoubtedly be held responsible for their demise.

The family ended up in the location that is now known as the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch for good cause, which we’ll discuss in more detail in a moment. Returning to Elsa’s adventure prior to her sad demise

Her final words to Sam, the man she loved and who became her husband in a lovely heart ceremony, were that she would see him again soon. We had watched her overcome challenges while they were travelling, find love, and experience joy. What would happen to them right now? How long would Sam hold out before giving up on his love coming back? How would her parents cope without their daughter and why didn’t they spend more time together?

These are lingering questions, and Sheridan purposefully made the series such that the voyage had a conclusion but the characters who survived did not. The next chapter’s readers were free to come to their own conclusions and create new stories. While some had undergone irreversible change, others had developed coping mechanisms and celebrated their success in the new environment.

Elsa mentions that she had already envisaged her ideal heaven, “packed with good horses and broad plains and wild cattle and a man who loves me,” as she delivered the departure narrative for both her character and the series. The man in question was Sam, and in a glimpse of Elsa’s heaven, we watch the two of them embracing every unanswered question as they rush off into the wide unknown together.

“I finally understand death. I’ve observed it. It lacked fangs. It gave me a smile. And that was lovely.

Elsa’s idea of heaven was spending time with the man she loved, so when death came her way, she accepted it with open arms. Sam and Elsa did live happily ever after, at least in Elsa’s afterlife, where she will be reunited with her loved ones at the appropriate moment and be surrounded by the joys she lacked in this life.

does elsa die in 1883

Where Is Elsa’s Grave?

Elsa’s final resting place is significant to the Yellowstone universe, and fans immediately recognize it as a special location. We are reminded of a scene in Yellowstone where a father lays with his kid who has passed into the afterlife in the scene where Elsa chooses her ultimate resting place and then lies in her father’s arms.

Both James and John are leaning against a tree while holding Elsa and Lee, their respective children. Although there have been changes since the scene in 1883 and the current moment in Yellowstone, the emotion is the same. At that point, they are saying goodbye to more than just their children; they are also saying farewell to their future aspirations. They are saying goodbye to every meal shared, every trip taken, every Tuesday- or Thursday-night phone call. They are bidding a final farewell to each and every second of a future they ought to be there for.

Elsa’s creator, Isabel May, claims that this was her life’s work:

“That is the Dutton family’s beginning and the origin narrative. She wanted to get them there, that was her goal.

John struggles every day to save the place that Elsa took her family to. Watching 1883 provided greater context for his conflict. It became more relatable to people, giving it a more personal experience. We are aware that he promised his father never to part with even a single square foot of their property, but it is more than simply land to them. It is where their family members mourned and battled with anguish and pain; it is where they lived, breathed, laughed, and loved. They built a home at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, not simply a house or a location to make a living; it was a place where their family could thrive.

Fans felt that Elsa’s adventure came to an end far too soon, yet it did so for a good purpose. Her premature death meant that her family created a future at the ideal location and time. They discovered the house where Elsa breathed her last, and the result is a heartbreakingly beautiful tale.

Before Yellowstone‘s fifth season premiere, you can stream the series on Paramount if you want to rewatch the heartbreaking series 1883. Perhaps watching it so soon after the premiere of the new episodes will help viewers remember some of the Dutton saga and give us a new perspective on Governor John Dutton as he takes the oath of office.

Here’s to the Duttons of today and the founders of the movement. May we all approach life with the same reckless abandon as Elsa did.

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